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Gozo weekend ahead? Here ARE 11 great FOOD places you should visit!

Planning a much-needed Gozo weekend break? We've got you covered if you’re looking at places you need to visit.

Gozo is an island rich in culinary culture, offering visitors a wide ranvariousge of delicious food and drink options. From traditional Maltese cuisine to international dishes, the island's dining scene will tantalize your taste buds.

In this article, we will showcase some of the must-visit food and drink destinations on the island of Gozo. Whether you're looking to savor the flavors of authentic Maltese dishes, enjoy a refreshing drink by the beach, or indulge in a gourmet meal, this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the best food and drink experiences on Gozo.

So, come hungry and ready to taste the best that this Maltese island has to offer.


Get the traditional Gozitan ftira

Maxokk & Mekren

You will definitely not need an introduction for these ones. Ask anyone about what food to look for during your Gozo weekend, and you’ll certainly hear about these two. Maxokk and Mekren, both located in Nadur, are the most popular go-to places on the Gozitan islands.

Visitors usually have their favourites often based on minor differences such as the layering of the items of their traditional ftira. We personally love both Maxokk and Mekren. We have previously written an article about both of these places and always grab a ftira (or two) every single time we are on the island, which we have to admit is quite often.


Our pick for Breakfast

Black Cat Cafe

If you’re looking for a cozy place for a delicious breakfast during your Gozo weekend with a full menu of tea and coffee options, you definitely need to try Black Cat Cafe. This cafeteria is located in Victoria, near the public library. We love the selection of bagels, toasts, croissants, and French toasts paired with our favourite latte; Beetroot and Cacao. It is a small place with limited seating so it is recommended to book beforehand


Our pick for Brunch


Mojo’s is another one of our must-go places on the island. We were there recently to enjoy a great breakfast, but we have often been there for brunch. Run by the very talented Claire Borg and her brother, their menu is packed with great options for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

You might know Claire from her delicious-looking sourdough feed posted on her Instagram page. Located on the main road in Victoria (opposite Arcadia) is hard to miss. Gozo weekend or not, the place is wildly popular with both the Maltese and Gozitans so make sure to book beforehand.


Our picks for Lunch

Coffeebreak Gozo

We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Joseph, the owner of Coffeebreak, on several occasions. Situated in Victoria near the bus terminals, this place has great food in a very convenient location. He has recently launched his new summer menu, some items of which we had the pleasure of trying.

Also, if you are looking for a way to treat yourself (we’re more than sure you deserve it, so please go on and do so), try this sweet butter roll. Even more delicious than it looks, if that is even possible!


One80 Kitchen Gozo

Although also a great option for dinner, we particularly enjoyed One80 Kitchen during lunchtime to take full advantage of the Mgarr view whilst enjoying great food. The menu is very inclusive and caters for vegan/vegetarians and also people who have intolerances such as lactose or gluten. Best to book before going to ensure they cater for your dietary needs.


Our picks for outdoor dining

Latini Restaurant

If you’re looking for a lovely lunch or dinner for your Gozo weekend, we would definitely recommend going to Latini Restaurant. One of our favourite places for dinner, Latini Restaurant is situated right in Xaghra square so you can also get some really nice photos whilst you’re there. Complementing the great food is the great service which, for us personally, makes a big difference in our dining experience.

Please do yourself a favour and make sure to order the prawn carpaccio as the starter and one of their great fish dishes as a main, such as the fresh fish or seafood platter. We really should mention that given the outdoor location, they are also dog-friendly and willing to prepare a meal for your furry friend on request. We have a full review on our experience if you’d like to read more.


Rendez-vous Restaurant

Rendez-vous Restaurant is another perfect spot for an outdoor Sunday lunch in the Xewkija square. It also happens to be one of our favourite places in Gozo for cocktails whilst dining out. Our favourite items were the Torched Lampuki and the Beef Tartare.

However, we definitely would also recommend going for dessert. We had Mango parfait with chocolate on our visit and we were impressed by both taste and appearance.


Grab an Ice-cream

Gelateria Granola

If you're looking for a sweet treat during your visit, we highly recommend checking out Gelateria Granola in the picturesque village of Xlendi. This ice cream place offers a delicious selection of flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Popular among locals, Granola is a must-visit for anyone seeking a refreshing treat in a scenic location.

Located just a few meters away from the stunning Xlendi Bay, you can enjoy a cone while taking in the breathtaking views. Whether you're in the mood for a classic flavor or something more adventurous, Granola is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. So, make sure to add it to your itinerary and enjoy a delightful scoop of ice cream on your next visit to Gozo!


Best places for dessert


If you are out and about during your Gozo weekend and looking for a nice option for dessert, try HOG, part of The Duke Mall in Victoria Gozo. Our top recommendation would be their soft and fluffy pancakes with cherry syrup combined with white chocolate. This was honestly one of the best pancake treats we’ve ever had. Each bite was so full of goodness. Each layer between the pancakes is packed with both sauces. We cannot recommend this enough!!


Our pick for a beer

Gleneagles Bar

If you are looking for a place to relax during your Gozo weekend and enjoy a pint, then this is your place. The Gleneagles bar is an institution of the island and for a long time has been a gathering place for locals and tourists alike.

The inside decoration is really charming with its fishing-themed items and a vast number of old photos. The best thing about the place though, apart from the tap beer, is the great view of the harbour. A wide balcony with seating makes for a very relaxed atmosphere, whilst outside tables around the building will ensure you’ll enjoy your drink in the sunshine and with a great view.



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