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Q&A with Danny’s Kitchen chef, Jean-Paul DeBono.

In this Q&A article, we had the opportunity to speak to Jean-Paul DeBono; the man behind Danny’s Kitchen.

Danny’s Kitchen has made quite the name for itself due to its delicious food and drinks. Jean-Paul DeBono is a hard-working and talented owner and chef at Danny’s Kitchen. It is interesting to note that Danny’s kitchen was actually named after JP's ( as he is often known ) father, Danny in 2017.

Danny's Kitchen Malta Chef

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Jean-Paul DeBono, but many people know me as JP, I’m a 30-year-old business owner and chef, and I’ve been working in this industry for 15 years.

When did you decide to focus your life around food and who was your biggest influence? From a very young age I was always hands-on in the kitchen, be it just stirring the sauce pot that my grandmother would have cooking for lunch to baking a lemon meringue pie all alone and obviously yes, washing the dishes in exchange for some pocket money.

Where did the concept for Danny’s come from? Whilst looking for a shop a couple of years ago the concept wasn’t developed yet. But shortly after we found the place, design and all started to fall into place, and that’s when I created and envisioned what Danny’s would be today.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis has hit businesses hard. How is Danny’s coping? One day you are running your own successful start-up and the next you are thinking of how to keep it afloat despite the situation we are currently in. It’s no news that The Coronavirus COVID-19 has had a huge impact on potentially every industry in the world.

Hospitality in particular is taking a big slap across the face and businesses are being faced with some of the toughest times ever. At Danny’s we have had to adapt to the situation, now offering delivery and take-outs only. We have changed our operating hours to be able to provide adequate hours for our employees and potentially attract some more clients.

Together with the help of loyal customers & our staff we will keep on working through the global crisis and prepare ourselves for brighter days.

Danny's Kitchen Malta Food

What do you consider to be the sexiest food? Something that looks like it was prepared and cooked with love.

What was the strangest food you have ever tried? Did you enjoy it? I’m not one to experiment much with.

What is the one type of food you could not live without? Anything natural grown by mother nature herself

What do you think about restaurant critics and food bloggers? Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and express it, so yeah. We need critics and bloggers to share their experiences and opinions, just be selective as to which experience and opinion you take into consideration.

Do you believe that ‘we are what we eat’? 100% we fuel our body and mind solely by what we consume in every aspect.

Danny's Kitchen Malta Burgers

If you could choose any person to have dinner with, who would it be? My family, sometimes we tend not to appreciate what we have in the palm of our hands.

What is your food philosophy? Keep it fresh, local and simple and hit the nail right on the head every time

What is your final message to our readers? Live life to the full, always make sure to be happy and don’t be afraid of change.


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