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We went to Krepree and here are 3 great treats you need to try!

We love a great crêpe, & Krepree provides just that. Just in case that is not enough, we have added a couple of things you can also try out.

We have to admit we have got quite a sweet tooth. So we are always out on the lookout for something sweet. It goes without saying, a good dessert with a healthy dose of Nutella does make our hearts sing.

Something with a lot of toppings, usually including chocolate and fruit, is just what we need. To satisfy our crêpe cravings throughout the years, Krepree has always been one of our favourites. Krepree opened their first shop in Malta back in 2003.


Since then, they have successfully opened four more shops around the Maltese islands – Bugibba, Sliema, Valletta, PAMA Shopping Village, and at the University of Malta. We’re still waiting for one to open in Gozo and in the South!

As the name implies, Krepree is a crêperie and their amazing crêpes are the main reason why they are so popular. Crêpes, though, is not the only delicious treat that they serve. Krepree pride themselves in offering a selection of sweet crêpes, savoury crêpes, sweet waffles, and savoury waffles with an interesting array of toppings.

They also offer some great shakes! These delicious treats can even be delivered to your house via Wolt, although we’d always recommend that a crêpe with many toppings is best eaten onsite or on the go.

We have tried quite a few items from their menu and we still have a long way to go. Our favourites always include a healthy dose of ice cream, chocolate, and fruits. Their savoury items are also worth a try.

We recently had their Nutella, Strawberry, and cookies crêpe. We did wish that the Nutella crêpes were heavier on the Nutella but that might just be us – two Nutellaholics! Other than that, the options are full of taste, their toppings are interesting and creative and the flavours complement each other well. Here are our suggestions:

A wide selection of crêpes!

Honestly, looking at the menu at Krepree you are hit with a LOT of choices to satisfy any mood you are in. If you are looking for something not too heavy, try the Strawberries crêpe. It has a layer of Nutella chocolate, a healthy dose of fresh strawberries and a welcomed spread of biscuits.

If you’re looking for something trendy, try the Pistachio and Biscuits crêpe. All the pistachio cream in a very enjoyable and light crêpe.

For those of you looking to indulge completely, definitely try the Oreo crêpe. We cannot complain about the very generous portion of Oreos and it definitely takes over the overall taste of the crêpe.

A newer crêpe which we haven’t had the chance to get our hands on – yet – is the guanciale crêpe. This is definitely on our wishlist and in all honesty it sounds like this could be a total hit.

Have you tried their waffles?

When it comes to waffles, a safe bet with Krepree is to go for the classics. Their Nutella and strawberry waffle with a nice topping of vanilla ice cream is a big enough portion to be a meal all by itself.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something savoury, the Pulled pork waffle may be a great option for you. This waffle has pulled pork topped with cheese, caramelised onions, bacon, cabbage and BBQ sauce.

Best shakes to try!

You can either make your own, which basically means you can choose two scoops of ice cream and 1 type of chocolate, biscuits or fruit. Check out this classic shake flavour: Banana Vanilla. It contains vanilla ice cream, banana, cinnamon, milk and strawberry syrup.

If you aren’t drooling at that description, I honestly have no words for you. Another worthy mention is their Figolla milkshake during the Easter period. Only 10 more months till Easter. Delicious!

What did you think of our list? Which crêpes and waffles have you tried? Any other places we should visit?


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