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Got cravings? These 6 brownies from Kawkaw might just be the perfect treat you are looking for!

With its cool name and logo, KawKaw offers a selection of brownies that aims to help you satisfy your cravings.

If you are like us like a treat for every occasion and a variety of choices normally brings with it confusion and headaches, do not fear. KawKaw offers a customisable ‘mix box’ containing a selection of Snickers brownies, a Caramel Crunch Fudgy Brownie, Kinder Bueno Brownie, Hippo Blondie, M&M’s Blondie and a Cocoa Crisp Blondie.


Naturally, we decided to try one of each so we can taste them all and tell you what we think (whilst avoiding the selection headache). So without further ado, let’s get on with our review.

The presentation was excellent. Each brownie/blondie is neatly placed and fun-looking. At first glance though, all items looked very firm in shape, so we expected a far from gooey, mostly hard texture. We were wrong. Biting into these bad boys, we were quickly (and happily) surprised at how the texture was as gooey as a good brownie (or blondie) should be!

The snickers brownie is not only about bits of Snickers on top but also included bits of Snickers in its mix. If you never tried it, you should. The bits of chocolate, peanut and caramel went very well with the soft, dark chocolate brownie texture.

An excellent balance of bittersweet with extra crunch. Well done. The Caramel Crunch Fudgy Brownie had two evenly proportionate layers; one of cornflakes and caramel, and the second being the brownie. This one was very sweet and great for caramel lovers.


The Kinder Bueno Brownie had a nice balance of Kinder Bueno goodness on top, complemented by a gooey Brownie with Kinder Bueno crunch underneath. Slightly less sweet than the Snickers brownie, we suggest this one for those who like a more delicate approach to their brownies. Molto Bueno (apologies for the lame pun).

Next were the Blondies. The Hippo Blondie was by far the cutest of the bunch. With a cute Kinder Happy Hippo on top, this brownie’s presentation was probably our favourite. However, when it came to the actual Blondie taste, we felt that the blondie, although good tasting, needed a bit more kick in its taste, which we got from the brownies we had tasted before.

If on the other hand you prefer a more milky approach to your brownies, perhaps you might want to consider this one and see for yourselves.

The Cocoa Crisp Blondie avoided the same fate as the Hippo Blondie. This blondie had a generous layer of coco pop crisp on top of the blondie. Given the strong taste of the coco pops, the choice of a blondie underneath provided a well-balanced taste which we liked.

Last but not least, was the M&M’s blondie. As with the Snickers Brownie, this blondie had a M&M topping but, to our enjoyment and satisfaction, a generous amount of M&Ms mixed in with the blondie mixture. This brownie was delicious! The M&M’s gave a nice crunch, kick and texture to this blondie and was definitely amongst our favourites.


These brownies and blondies were difficult to rank but we’re giving the number 1 spot to the Snickers Brownie. A close second is M&M’s Blondie. The Kinder Bueno was a definite bronze medal winner at 3rd place.

We couldn’t agree on 4th or 5th place between the Cocoa Crisp Blondie and the Caramel Crunch Fudgy, so we just ruled it down on our everyday cereal preference (Ps. Coco Pops). Last place went to the Hippo Blondie, which was our least favourite but a definite favourite one in terms of presentation.

Overall we loved these brownies and blondies and strongly encourage you to place your orders on their Instagram page @kawkawmalta.

If you want to follow our advice, make sure you add the Snickers Brownie and the M&M’s Blondie to your order. You’ll thank us later.


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