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Our Culinary Experience at TORA Restaurant

Nestled on the Sliema Waterfront, TORA restaurant fuses flavours and views beautifully.

Table of Contents:

Location and Ambiance

Situated on the picturesque Sliema waterfront, TORA restaurant offers a dining experience that combines the serenity of the Mediterranean with the vibrancy of Oriental cuisine.

The restaurant's location is a significant draw, providing a scenic backdrop that enhances the dining experience.

The view at TORA restaurant

Lunch Menu: An Exploration of Oriental Flavours

The lunch menu at TORA gives you three options: ' Tastes of the Orient' at € 29.00, 'Duck Festival' at €33.00, and 'Dim Sum' festival at €42.90.

All are well-structured offerings with starters, mains, and desserts, aiming to provide a comprehensive taste of Oriental cuisine.

The menu is ambitious in its scope, seeking to cater to a range of palates.

Dum Sum main course at TORA restaurant


Our meal commenced with the Sweet Corn Soup, a dish that delivered a balanced blend of sweetness and savoury flavours. While we thought this was competently prepared, the soup could have been more varied in culinary innovation; however, it was more than enjoyable.

Corn soup at TORA restaurant

Along with being visually appealing, the Crispy Duck Salad at TORA stood out for its freshness and flavour, offering a delightful blend of crisp textures and savoury notes.

Duck salad at TORA restaurant

Main Course

The main course selections included the Dim Sum Royal and Stir-fried King Prawns and cashews with Rice. The Dim Sum Royal was a satisfactory nod to traditional Cantonese cuisine, suitable for Dim Sum enthusiasts.

The Stir-fried King Prawns and cashews with Rice were excellently executed, offering a harmonious blend of flavours and textures. We would happily return just for this dish!

Stir fried King Prawns


For dessert, the Banana Fritters and Sweet Buns were chosen. Both were enjoyable, with the fritters particularly notable for their pleasing texture. The desserts concluded the meal satisfactorily, after which we enjoyed the view whilst sipping some excellent cocktails.

Sweet bun at TORA restaurant

Fried banana and ice cream at TORA restaurant

Cocktails: A Highlight of the Experience

The cocktail menu at TORA is a standout feature, showcasing a creative array of drinks. Among these, the Yunnam cocktail, priced at €13, deserves special mention.

This cocktail, a blend of Dragon Vodka, Orchid Syrup, Rose Petals Tea, and Lime Juice, was a highlight of the dining experience. Its unique combination of flavours was both refreshing and harmonious, complementing the Oriental theme of the cuisine.

We highly recommend the Yunnam to our readers for its exceptional balance and flavour profile.

Yunnam cocktail at TORA restaurant

Service and Overall Experience

The service at TORA was professional and attentive, contributing positively to the dining experience. The staff demonstrated a good knowledge of the menu and helped make recommendations.

TORA restaurant napkin

Final Verdict

TORA restaurant offers a solid dining experience for those seeking Oriental cuisine in a scenic setting (the views of Valletta are amazing). The food is well-prepared, and the cocktails, especially the Yunnam, are a highlight.

It is a suitable choice for a pleasant meal, especially if ambience and location are priorities for the diner. The restaurant succeeds in providing a comprehensive dining experience aimed at those who want to venture into new culinary territories while enjoying the view.


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