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Discover our Top 10 food places in Valletta!

Discover our Top 10 food places in Valletta! Dive into our curated list of the best Valletta food spots for any occasion.

Valletta, the historic heart of Malta, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and gastronomic paradise. The city’s rich history, influenced by various cultures over the centuries, is reflected in its diverse culinary scene.

We've got you covered if you’re wondering where to eat in Valletta - whether for breakfast or brunch or looking for a fine dining food spot. Dive into our list of the top 10 food places Valletta, each promising a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Valletta city entrance

Tucked within the opulent Rosselli AX Privilege, Under Grain offers a dining experience. Read all about our perfect stay at Rosselli AX in our previous article. Under Grain is perfect for those special moments, each dish here is a work of art, reflecting meticulous attention to detail. Complement your meal with a selection from their exceptional international wine collection. The Michelin star is a testament to its culinary excellence.

Under Grain dining experience

Ion Harbour, strategically located on St Barbara Bastions, offers panoramic views of Valletta’s Grand Harbour. It’s not just the breathtaking view; the culinary offerings, curated by Chef Simon Rogan, are equally impressive. The attentive staff and the romantic ambience make it a top pick for those special evenings.

Dining night at Ion Harbour

Noni, set in a historic bakery, is where tradition meets innovation. Helmed by Michelin-starred Chef Jonathan Brincat, the restaurant offers a delightful blend of traditional Maltese dishes with a modern twist. The cosy stone-walled cellar setting adds to the charm, making it a top choice for a romantic dinner.

For a slice of Rome in Valletta, head to Trattoria Zero Sei. This eatery, located on Old Theatre Street, is a haven for lovers of authentic Roman cuisine. Whether it’s the classic Amatriciana or the delightful Pinsa, the flavours will surely transport you to the streets of Rome.

Pasta at Trattoria Zero Sei Valletta

Tribe is the embodiment of versatility. Situated opposite Teatru Rjal, it’s the perfect spot for any meal of the day. From fluffy pancakes to delectable cocktails, Tribe has something for everyone. The vibrant interior and diverse menu, including vegan options, make it a favourite among locals and tourists.

Summer Menu at Tribe

As we discovered during our dinner, MUZA is where art and food converge. The menu, inspired by artworks, offers a nostalgic culinary journey. Whether you’re in the mood for a coffee or a full-fledged meal, the serene courtyard of the Auberge d’Italie provides the perfect setting.

Soup at MUZA Valletta

The Harbour Club, overlooking the iconic Grand Harbour, blends history and culinary brilliance. Set in an 18th-century warehouse, the restaurant offers a dining experience that’s both rich in flavour and history. Recognised by the Michelin Guide, it’s a testament to its consistent quality. You can read all about our experience at Harbour Club in our review.

Lunch with a view at The Harbour Club

Merkanti, located at Is-Suq tal-Belt, offers traditional Maltese food in a contemporary setting. During our lunch at Merkanti, we enjoyed views of the Valletta city centre whilst indulging in dishes like their Oven Baked Pork Chops. It’s the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Maltese food at Merkanti Restaurant Valletta

For a delightful brunch experience, Elephant Shoe is the place to be. Located near the Upper Barrakka Gardens, it offers a diverse menu that caters to all dietary preferences. The friendly service and budget-friendly options make it a must-visit.

Brunch at Elephant Shoe Valletta

AKI brings the flavours of Japan to Valletta. Its chic decor and array of Japanese-inspired dishes make it the perfect spot for a romantic evening.

Sushi dinner at AKI Valletta

Honourable Mentions:

One80, housed in a beautifully restored Palazzetto, offers a culinary journey spanning Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. With a dedicated plant-based menu, it’s a treat for vegans and vegetarians.

Meat dinner at One80 Valletta

Stepping back into time with a touch of modern, Tico Tico has been recently given another revamp, with Chef Nicholas Diacono taking over the reins at this Valletta iconic bar. We had a great time soaking up the lively atmosphere at Strait Street, whilst enjoying the rich Mediterranean flavours on offer in the meze menu.

Meze menu at Tico Tico


Valletta’s culinary scene is as diverse as its history. From Michelin-starred restaurants to budget-friendly eateries, the city offers something for every palate.

So, the next time you’re in Valletta, embark on a gastronomic journey and explore the best that the city has to offer.


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