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The Little Bastion: Where Heritage Meets Authentic Mediterranean Delight

Updated: May 8

Embrace the grandeur of Malta's past and indulge in authentic Mediterranean cuisine at The Little Bastion, where every dish tells a story.

The walls of the old Macina still echo history but now mix these echos with the aromas of freshly crafted Mediterranean cuisine.

The Little Bastion facade

Welcome to 'The Little Bastion,' a culinary haven in Senglea, where the fortifications witness the magic of culinary delights in a place where every bite tells a tale.

The Little Bastion glassware

The Little Bastion opened its doors on the 15th July 2023, replacing the former Hammett's Macina in Triq Il-31 ta' Marzu Xatt Juan B. Azopardo, Senglea. Offering an authentic Mediterranean experience, this establishment follows other great restaurants in Malta for its genuine flavours and in-house preparations.

Authentic Mediterranean food, freshly made in-house, sets 'The Little Bastion' apart from typical restaurants in Senglea.

As you sit inside, a sense of anticipation builds, knowing that every item on the menu is crafted in-house. From freshly baked bread that takes 5-10 minutes to prepare to sun-dried tomatoes and pickled delicacies, everything here whispers of a typical familiarity, embracing homemade tradition.

The Little Bastion interior

This approach extends beyond mere food, as even the sun-dried tomatoes and anything pickled is prepared in the restaurant's kitchen, a true testament to the love for the authentic culinary craft.

The Little Bastion cocktail preparation

The Little Bastion cocktail  mix

Freshly made bread, sundried tomato butter, and all in-house creations define the homey authenticity of the experience.

Steeped in the heritage fortifications built by the Knights of St John during the 16th Century, the interior design at 'The Little Bastion' exudes elegance. Paired with beautiful views of the marina and top-quality ingredients like Oilala oil, the food in this restaurant elevates the standards of romantic dining in Malta.

The Little Bastion bar

The Little Bastion cocktail served

The Little Bastion olive oil

During the warmer summer months, al fresco dining becomes a mesmerising experience. The view of the imposing bastions, the fortified city of Birgu, and the dazzling harbour come alive under the glow of traditional festa firework displays.

The Little Bastion bread served

The Little Bastion parmesan

The Little Bastion entree

Complement this visual feast with a selection from the restaurant's expansive wine cellar, offering world-class wines to make every meal a memorable occasion. In our case, we skipped the wine and opted for some refreshing cocktails. Kirti, our server, welcomed us warmly and added to the charm with hand-prepared cocktails.

The Little Bastion lampuki

The Little Bastion bresaola

Every dish is a small masterpiece, from the bresaola with pistachio and cherry confit to the delicious seafood risotto. The standout dish was the Lampuki with a rich beetroot-based accompaniment, coriander, and sweet pumpkin seeds.

The Little Bastion risotto

The Little Bastion pork belly

We recommend you not to overlook the pork belly in your choice of main course, with its crispy exterior and tender meat. This dish finds an exquisite counterpart in the smooth sweet potato puree base — a true delight.

Every dish is a small masterpiece, from the bresaola with pistachio and cherry confit to the delicious seafood risotto.

The dessert menu is equally compelling. With its soft, creamy heart, the pistachio pudding is a perfect way to soothe the palate. At the same time, the Pina Colada Tiramisu offers an inventive and tropical twist on the classic Italian dessert. The creativity and finesse displayed in these desserts echo the menu's authenticity.

The Little Bastion pistachio pudding

The Little Bastion pina colada tiramisu

The Little Bastion is more than just a dining venue; it's a step into Malta's rich past and an exploration of authentic Mediterranean flavours. With its combination of fresh ingredients, royal ambience, and dedicated service, it's a unique addition to the restaurants in Malta and a special place for anyone looking to experience what Senglea has to offer.

The Little Bastion interior design

If you're searching for where to eat in Malta, 'The Little Bastion' awaits with open arms, ready to serve you the essence of the Mediterranean on a plate.

The Little Bastion patio

Open for both Cugó Gran Macina hotel patrons and outside diners daily for breakfast from 7:30am to 10:30am (last orders), and for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday between 6:30pm and 10:30pm (last orders).


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