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The Embassy Hotel new Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge Valletta. Good food, great views!

The Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge Valletta at the Embassy Hotel combines good food, service, and great views of the city skyline.

Another summer has come and gone. Thankfully the weather in these parts of the Mediterranean is kind enough to stay nice and warm for a few weeks after summer.

So, if you haven’t been spending some of your evenings enjoying food and drinks on one of a number of rooftop restaurants in Valletta, or anywhere else on the islands for that matter, do not despair for you are still in time to do so.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel view

The Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge Valletta is located above the recently opened Embassy Hotel in Valletta. I first entered the old Embassy Cinemas in Valletta when I was just a kid. I still remember the exciting looking in the paper for that ‘Embassy cinema Valletta now showing’ heading.

Who would have thought that many many years later I would be dining on the rooftop of this building, or rather, the latest version of it? Mind you, the cinemas at the Embassy Cinemas Valletta are not gone but relocated to new cinema areas within the same building. There are now 6 theatres in all actually!

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel interior decor

Having seen pictures of the new Embassy Hotel, its new rooftop restaurant and been told it was one of the best restaurants in Valletta, we were eager to try it out. We arrived at the Embassy Hotel and towards The Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge Valletta in the late afternoon, fully planning to catch those golden hour lights just before dawn.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel cocktail view

As the name suggests, the place doubles up as both a restaurant and lounge, making it quite an attractive proposition, apart from dinners, to spend the evening enjoying some drinks and nibbles, along with the wonderful panoramic views.

Having made our way into the Embassy Hotel reception towards the lift and up seven levels to the rooftop, we were introduced to an open space combining dining, as well as a pool and decking area. Seating is available both within a modern indoor setting, as well as outside.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel cocktail

The setting is picturesque, and we can only imagine how beautiful it must be in the evening when the Carmelite church is lit up, the pool is calm and empty and patrons are only dining at this level.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel bar

Service was excellent and we were very well taken care of by the staff, especially Lucia who was attentive to all our dining needs. This being a lounge as much as a restaurant, we started our evening with a couple of cocktails. My Whisky sour was quite heavy on the lime juice but Charlene’s Embassy G&T was very enjoyable, even if mango was not available and was substituted with raspberry puree.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel croute

Our first starter consisted of grilled sardines off the bone, served on a croute with basil pesto and topped off with a pinch of chilli jam. I must admit I have a special fondness for fresh sardines, so whenever I see the item listed on a menu, there is a good chance I will order that item. The fact that sardines are rich in minerals and vitamins is of course a bonus.

The pressed bread discs also known as croutes, with a pesto spread, seemingly cut out from sliced bread were probably the thing that convinced us the least about this dish. Then again, we found them very handy when about to collect each sardine in a taco-like way.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel tables and chairs

The sardines were enjoyable although they lacked saltiness for my taste. This was made up of a small dab of chilli jam, giving the whole thing a much-needed spicy taste.

Our second starter was the beetroot and basil risotto, topped with crumbled feta cheese, micro basil and toasted pumpkin seeds. This classic Italian dish combined the earthiness of the beets with the freshness of the basil.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel beetroot risotto

The risotto was very creamy however it still retained a bite to it and overall was very enjoyable. The toasted pumpkin risotto gave a welcome crunch whilst the small bits of feta gave the dish some saltiness.

My main dish consisted of a Black Angus Beef Tagliata with carrots and charred leeks. I chose the meat to be cooked medium rare and that is exactly how it was served to me. The beef had a lovely charred external crust, with a heart that was pink and juicy. The meat was cut into slices as it should be and topped with rock salt.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel Black Angus Beef Tagliata

Not much to say about the grilled vegetables that came accompanying this meat other than it was more for decoration rather than taste. I think it would be better to stick to roasted potatoes or fries.

Charlene’s main dish consists of a crispy chicken thigh on a carrot and cardamom purée, wilted spinach and gremolata. Chicken thighs have become more popular recently and for good reason. Chicken thighs are rich and flavorful.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel chicken thigh

Their fat may be a downside from a health aspect, but keep in mind it is this fat that gives them an edge flavour-wise compared to the milder tasting, but healthier, breast meat. It is also what helps make the skin crisp up perfectly, which frankly makes them delicious. Like we always say, the key here is moderation.

The beauty of this dish was in its simplicity. The chicken was tender and the skin crisp and salty. Combining the chicken with the puree and spinach was a pleasure. Easily our favourite dish from the whole lot, although Charlene was not much of a fan of the white and simple plates, which gave nothing to the overall presentation.

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel interior with view

To finish dinner off, for dessert we shared a chilled Panna Cotta. Lovely and simple, it was a very good way to end the dinner. This classic Italian dessert was milky and creamy, and best of all had a delicate vanilla flavour. The toasty flavour from the golden sugar crust on top

Rooftop Restaurant Embassy Hotel rooftop pool

The Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge Valletta is open all day. This means that whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner you are after, you should give this place a thought, and why not, treat yourself to a stay at the Embassy Hotel.


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