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How Sitting Bull Restaurant in Balluta proved to be the perfect brunch spot for the 2 of us!

Sitting Bull restaurant is a recently opened restaurant that serves good quality food.

Balluta Bay is becoming quite a hot spot again. Lovely views and impressive architecture is now being complemented by a series of new and exciting eateries opening up in the area. One of these is ‘Sitting Bull’, a recently opened restaurant intent on serving good quality meat, but not only.

Coffee cups at Sitting Bull

The people at Sitting Bull restaurant do not want to limit themselves to the title of ‘steakhouse’. A highly versatile area and one of the island's hot spots, the location inspired the owner of Sitting Bull restaurant to choose a variety of dishes that both locals and foreigners can appreciate.

We decided to go to Sitting Bull restaurant for brunch (as you know, we love to find great places to brunch), and enjoy the sunny day and the lovely view. We spoke to Jon, who told us their main aim is to make the most of local and foreign products. The menu is not fixed, apart from popular items.

Butterfly Ice Tea

This gives the people at Sitting Bull restaurant the freedom to make the most of all produce available daily or weekly. As producers of olive oil, a local raw product they are very fond of, the owner’s family knows how important it is to use local produce.

Items are bought directly from local farmers daily, with a focus given on what is seasonal, fresh and local. Foreign produce is chosen with special attention, and the artisan coffee (which we enjoyed a great deal) at Sitting Bull restaurant and the different cuts of meat are prime examples.

Camembert with nuts and mixed berry compote

We were excited to try their food with all this in mind and seeing what food is served through their social media. We opted for the baked Camembert with nuts and mixed berry compote. We were not disappointed. The combination of oozing Camembert with a sweet but tart berry sauce and the candied walnuts’ crunch tantalised our taste buds on this sunny Saturday morning.

The other item we had from the menu was ‘Eggs Benedict’, with a choice of either ham or salmon. Now, just for information purposes, of course, and because we can be a little pedantic at times, replacing the ham with spinach makes it Eggs Florentine and replacing the ham with salmon makes it an Eggs Royale.

Here, we had both spinach and salmon, so we’ll call it Florentine Royale. Apart from name technicalities, it was a very enjoyable dish, with a lovely poached egg over a nice chunk of thick bread covered by a healthy dose of hollandaise.

Florentine Royale at Sitting Bull restaurant

We enjoyed both our dishes with a beautiful purple-coloured butterfly iced tea. That is ideal if you won’t start boozing too early in the day. Looking at the menu, there’s quite a selection whether you are looking for brunch or dinner. Considering the view, the great food and what we thought was excellent service; we suggest you consider this place for your next outing.

Sitting Bull restaurant opens every day from 10 am to 11 pm in George Borg Olivier St, St Julian’s. We suggest reservations.

Sitting Bull is now permanently closed.


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