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Hammett’s Monastik in Sliema promises fresh, sustainable and delicious food.

Hammett’s Monastik, Sliema | The third of Hammett’s establishment, promising delicious meals using local, sustainable and organic produce.

Hammet's Monastik is the third Hammett’s establishment. Situated in Sliema, not too far from Hammett’s Gastro Bar, this new restaurant promises to deliver fresh, delicious meals using local, sustainable and organic produce. Last week we were invited to try Hammett’s Monastik, and we were very impressed.

Hammett's Monastik

The name ‘Monastik’ comes from monasteries around Europe before the 19th century. Many countries were hit with cold temperatures, making crops difficult to grow. Monasteries used to store and conserve food from the warmer days so the communities could eat from their local produce, even in the colder climate. This method inspired the concept behind Hammett’s Monastik.

To bring this dream to life, Chris Hammett, the owner of Hammett’s establishments, took the time and effort to speak to experts in the field, such as dedicated farmers and scientists. To date, all of the agriculture and produce used in the menu are locally grown, except flour.

Hammett's Monastik

Hammett and the team want to be able to make Hammett’s Monastik 100% local and therefore are currently waiting for their first harvest to be grown. From this, they hope to reintroduce this industry to Malta, as flour is presently 100% imported around the islands.

It was very important to the identity of Hammett’s Monastik that the produce grown is organic. After consulting experts in the industry, the team were able to use produce which is organic and pesticide-free. All wines and cocktails use ingredients which are organic and sustainable. We would recommend in particular their cocktails, especially their Espresso Martini, which is probably one of our favourite ever.

Hammett's Monastik

Hammett’s brand believes that we can be respectful to animals used for consumption without needing to forfeit using animal products in their menu. In this respect, they are fully conscious of the meat they purchase from local farmers (who rear these specifically for the establishment) and use every part of the animal. No food goes to waste at Hammett’s Monastik.

Hammett's Monastik

We like a drink and after having a few cocktails in the bar, we moved to the restaurant area. We started with a selection of sharing plates such as the Monastik sourdough bun, wood-baked sourdough focaccia, fermented broad bean dip, a roasted beetroot dip and kefir cheese with honey. Small portions ensured we could try different food items and share them within a group. Our favourites from this selection were the sourdough bun and the kefir cheese.

Following this, we had a tuna potato salad and beef tartare. I also quite enjoyed the tuna potato salad, and would also say that personally, this was also another favourite dish. The Tuna Potato salad had potato, aioli, and tuna egg, all wrapped in a layer of smoked tuna. Our least favourite was the beef tartare, but that could be a personal opinion based on our tastes.

Hammett's Monastik

We were already quite full when we moved on to the heavier parts of the meal. There was still some roasted barbecue, perfectly crisp pork shoulder, and grilled carrots and green bell peppers to try. All were delicious.

My favourite part of the meal was trying different types of Amberjack fish. This sampling gave us a better understanding of how different fish parts with varying fat levels contribute to the overall flavour. From plates with meat from the head, belly and tail, I strongly enjoyed the belly, which was higher in fat than both other parts, whereas Jon preferred the tail. Each plating was perfectly cooked, and we finished this course feeling very satisfied.

Hammett's Monastik

We took a small break between these courses and dessert, given that we had tried a lot of food by that point. We took the opportunity to visit the fermentation room and see where the magic happens. Everything, from fermented vegetables to Kefir water, is stored in this fermentation room. After having tried their Kefir water at home (we got a goodie bag to try), Jon was hooked.

As part of the dessert segment of the meal, we were invited to try the Figs and Kefir dessert. The dessert was quite interesting, and the flavours had a unique combination which complemented each other very well. This dessert had a variety of confit figs and kefir cream. It is a definite recommendation.

Hammett's Monastik

Overall our experience at Hammett’s Monastik was excellent. We loved the cocktails but even more, the food. Some top-notch service at Hammett’s Monastik gave us a very exclusive feel. We were so impressed that we had already visited again with friends after this visit. Some foods we recommend you try are the amberjack (if in season), the espresso martini and the pork crackling, which we tried on our second visit.

Other definite recommendations would be the kefir cheese dip, the Monastik sourdough bread, and our absolute favourite from our second visit; the Cuttlefish & Cabbage ‘Risotto’.

Hammett’s Monastik is a great place to go to try different dishes, especially if you are going with a group of friends. We recommend it.


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