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NAAR’s new Bottomless Sunday Brunch. THIS is what we liked!

NAAR restobar has joined the Bottomless Sunday Brunch frenzy, offering two hours of unlimited cocktails and some very nice food.

It is no wonder brunches have become popular. You get the joy of having breakfast without the need to get up early. The only thing that can beat that allows you to enjoy unlimited booze with it. Enter the ‘bottomless brunch’.

NAAR's Bottomless Brunch

A ‘bottomless brunch’ is a morning or early afternoon event, in which for a set price and timeframe, you get several courses as well as unlimited alcohol, normally in the form of prosecco and cocktails. Bottomless brunches have been a thing for many years in the US, but now they have made their way to Europe.

Nothing screams adulthood as much as rolling to a Sunday breakfast with pancakes and a glass of prosecco. The rise in popularity of the ‘bottomless brunch’ has increasingly seen us spending our early afternoons eating breakfast whilst sipping mimosas and posting selfies online without any sign of guilt.

NAAR's Bottomless Brunch cocktails

There are a few great options for places to brunch and NAAR restobar has now been added to our favourites with their recently launched Bottomless Sunday Brunch menu. At €35 per person, this Bottomless Sunday Brunch offers you a complete breakfast with as many cocktails as possible between 11am and 1pm. Go there thirsty (and hungry).

As we had noted in a previous article when we reviewed the place for the first time, you can’t fault its location. NAAR Restobar is situated on the water’s edge, directly adjacent to the sea, with a perfect view of Balluta. Blessed to live in a country with 300 days of sun, it’s a great reason to take advantage of the favourable weather with a delicious and inviting brunch by the sea.

NAAR's Bottomless Brunch English Breakfast

Let’s talk booze first. Whilst probably the most popular, Prosecco is not the only Bottomless Sunday Brunch option. Quite a few of the staple cocktail options are available such as Mimosa, Bellini as well as the Bloody Mary for the more adventurous ones. Attracted by the promising names, we opted for a Love Buzz and Hibiscus Spark, leaving the traditional Mimosa and G&T for later.

For your Bottomless Sunday Brunch, we recommend choosing a table outside to enjoy the view as you enjoy your brunch. Each guest can choose a Full English Breakfast, Vegan Full (English breakfast), Bagel, and Breakfast Burrito as the first brunch course. Following these hearty options are two very fluffy American pancakes with a generous serving of maple syrup and icing sugar. Vegan pancakes are offered on request, but book in advance!

I (Charlene) opted for the Vegan Full, whilst Jon was curious about the bacon bagel (you can choose between bacon or salmon filling). I was soon presented with a full plate of vegan English breakfast items, such as two vegan sausages, half an avocado, fried mushrooms, baked beans, two hash browns, a tomato, and toast. A meal to truly satisfy your breakfast cravings!

NAAR's Bottomless Brunch eggs benedict

Jon was presented with a beautiful open-faced bacon bagel with bacon, poached eggs, baby spinach, and a generous drizzling of homemade Hollandaise sauce. The eggs were poached to perfection, but the bagel was toasted just a bit too much for Jon’s liking.

Although both dishes were delicious by their right, it was clear that I had made the best choice that morning! We are looking forward to revisiting to try the classic Full English Breakfast and the Breakfast Burrito options.

Given the satisfying portions, we did not have room for two portions of fluffy American pancakes, so we opted to share a plate instead. After our first bite, we were happy that we had not skipped this plate altogether. Being a big fan of pancakes, I enjoyed this dish quite a bit as they did live up to their ‘fluffy’ name. The maple syrup and icing sugar gave this plate the final touch of sweetness, which was well-received.

NAAR's Bottomless Brunch pancakes

In this Bottomless Sunday Brunch, unlimited drinks run for 2hrs (from 11 am to 1 pm), which is pretty tight but fair. Slow drinkers will have to concentrate on enjoying the food instead.

Even if you feel quite full from the first plate, do leave some room for the pancakes. Soft and fluffy, they are worth it!


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