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The 2 combined! Pizza Hut x KFC - popcorn chicken pizza is here and we’re excited!

Pizza Hut x KFC! Pizza Hut has collaborated with KFC to make a pizza with KFC popcorn chicken scattered on top.

Admittedly, we’re not frequent customers of either. Yet, when we saw this collaboration, we got curious and knew we had to try it. If you are wondering whether you should try this, know it is only out for a limited time. It's Pizza Hut x KFC time!


If a Pizza Hut and KFC combination is something you want to try, this is probably the time to do it! Also, you should know that the only place you can get your hands on one of these is directly from the Pizza Hut website – and yes, they deliver.

Here’s some background information you probably didn’t know about Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut Malta is operated by Food Chain Limited, part of Farsons Group.

Pizza Hut Qormi and Pizza Hut Bugibba are the most Internet-searched Pizza Hut outlets around the island. The first Pizza Hut outlet in Malta opened in St Julian’s in 1993. Time flies! They also have outlets in Sliema and Valletta.

An outlet was opened in Fgura in 1997 but closed in 2006. KFC has been in Malta since 1996, just three years after the first Pizza Hut. KFC outlets can be found in PAMA Shopping Village, Gzira and the Airport in Hal Luqa.


With the history part out of the way, let’s get to the important part! What did we think of Pizza Hut’s KFC popcorn chicken pizza? This pizza has the traditional San Francisco sourdough base. It is topped with Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Sweetcorn and KFC Popcorn Chicken. If these ingredients are not enough, you can always add more toppings (at an additional price).

Sweetcorn on a pizza might not be for everyone, and there was quite a fair amount of it, but we think it complemented the pizza well, giving it a certain amount of sweetness we enjoyed. However, more KFC Popcorn chicken would have been most welcome.

Unfortunately, their website does not include an option to include an additional portion of KFC Popcorn chicken. You can add chicken pieces, though (yeah, not the same thing we know!). Also note, you cannot remove the sweet corn if this is not to your liking (we did not want to, but just so you know).

So, should you try it? If you are a fan of either, then we think you should. Be aware at €11.95 per pizza (without additional toppings); it is not cheap. Again, since it will be only out for a limited time (and that’s an attraction, isn’t it?), you might want to say you have tried it. However, we’re guessing if it receives good feedback, it might be out for long since we couldn’t find information on the duration of this collaboration.


What makes the collaboration between Pizza Hut and KFC possible? The global brands' Pizza Hut and KFC are trademarks of Yum! Not only this but like Pizza Hut, KFC Malta is also operated by Food Chain Limited (part of Farsons Group), which begs us to question why this collaboration did not happen sooner!

Should we be expecting more collaborations of this type in the near future? If so, what do we want to see? Maybe a KFC Zinger wrapped in a pizza? We can see that as being a success. What other collaborations do you wish would happen?

Would you prefer this to other traditional pizzas (or even the beloved Gozitan ftiras?)


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