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Dan's Van is rolling out some great burgers and we think you should try them out. Here’s why!

We talk to Dan, of Dan's Van, about how he started his food journey, his selection of burgers and life on a food truck.

Food trucks have been in existence for decades. They reflect an urban reality where rent and property fees have skyrocketed, and advanced technology allows you to work in restricted spaces. They also reflect a new reality ushered in by the recent pandemic.

For the past months, the viability of retail estate restaurants and food-to-go places has been questioned. The pandemic may have sowed the seeds for a shift in the catering industry.


In the past, food trucks consisted mostly of ice cream vans which you only saw during the summer. Now you may be as likely to find a coffee van running around, selling hot drinks at the corner of your street.

Growing numbers of cafes and caterers were forced to significantly alter their trading in the past months. Rents and maintenance work still had to be paid, though. Food trucks offer drivers a cheaper, independent alternative.

A food truck we had the pleasure to visit recently was Dan’s Van. You may have read about it in our recent article about top places for burgers on the islands. Dan’s Van is mostly focused on burgers, whether you feel like one juicy patty or double that, chicken or vegetarian options. An example is ‘The Double Dan’, which at 9.50 we feel is very reasonably priced.

We had heard great things about Dan's Van but had never tried it before. So we happily drove to Rabat with the sole intent of trying it out. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a smile by Dan, who turns out to be an energetic young lad very intent on providing some great service. Whilst waiting for our order, we had some time to chat to Dan about food and his food truck.


How did Dan’s Van start? “I’ve always had a passion for food and always loved street food, so in 2019 I bought a Mercedes Benz Ambulance and combined all 3 to start up Dan’s Van”.

For some, street food makes financial sense. At a time when consumers have cut back on their restaurant spending – out of necessity or choice – a van serving up fresh and inexpensive lunches and dinners is an easy sell to both public.

Running a food truck is not as easy as it seems, though. Just like any other venture, a lot of hard work is necessary. It also involves a lot of preparation for the day-to-day running. “I usually start of the day by picking up all the stock from the suppliers, then head over to the van and start the preparation for the night

Dan’s Burger sure has his fans, with a guy shouting ‘best burger in Malta!’ whilst there waiting to get our burgers and taking a couple of pictures. When asking about the star item, “El Dano definitely! The Mexican burger” was the reply we got. Mexican burger was what we ordered then, along with a chicken burger, and we weren’t disappointed.

Our Mexican Burger consisted of a beautifully cooked patty, with just enough spicy cheese combining with a slight charcoal-flavoured juice flowing from the meat. The burger was so juicy and not overcooked, which is a problem we have encountered time and again in various places. The chicken burger was likewise tender, with a touch of crispy coating which made it very enjoyable.


Whilst food trucks may be considered the cheaper alternative, that doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of quality. What makes Dan’s burgers special is quality meat. “I believe in quality, so I buy the best beef there is on the market and my product is always as fresh as possible!

If you are looking for an alternative to burgers, Dan’s Gourmet Dog if you don’t feel like a burger. We haven’t tried this yet, so if you have, let us know your thoughts! Does Dan’s Van cater for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free? “We have a really nice spinach and falafel burger for vegetarians!

Whilst bars and restaurants will be here for, hopefully, many more years, the increasing number of food trucks around the Maltese islands has been noticed. Apart from quality food, they also provide mobility and various location options.

Restaurant closures, a boom in online food orders, and a shortage in staff. For someone looking to get into the food industry, food trucks might be the only viable option. The number of staff necessary is minimal (if any), but mostly, there is an increased flexibility of movement.


Food trucks roam the city, updating their location to followers via social media. Could it be that we are witnessing a revolution on the streets? What is great about having a food truck? “You can go anywhere you want as long as you’re legally parked!

Although intrepid foodies will travel far and wide for their fill, location is key and for now, Dan’s Van has a fixed spot in the Nigret area, within the Ghajn ta l-Ilma car park, in the limits of Rabat. “

At the moment we are located in the Nigret area and intend to stay there for the time being, but you never know when we could be on the move so make sure to follow our page for future location updates”.


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