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There’s a new Tribe in Valletta with a special vibe!

If you’re looking for a hip, trendy place to dine for brunch, lunch, or dinner, look no further than Tribe in Valletta.

We recently enjoyed experiencing lunch at the newly opened Tribe restaurant in Valletta. Situated in a key location, right off of Republic Street, and very close to the new Parliament building, Tribe offers Malta’s capital city, Valletta, just the vibe it deserves.

Tribe Valletta interior

We spoke to Head Chef and owner Gary Falzon, who manages and leads the new concept at Tribe restaurant. Gary told us how he engaged himself in the catering industry, gaining experience and practicing his role from a very young age.

Tribe Valletta facade

“My dream has always been to open my restaurant. Today, I am empowering my ideas to the next level and sustaining the movement leading to an innovative and meaningful creation of value.”

Tribe Valletta Gary Falzon

As soon as you walk in, you get immersed in the vibe that the restaurant allures. Artistically designed by Carlo Schembri & Bold Design Architecture & Design Studio, the place has a particular decor that invites discussion over its trendy and just a little controversial design. Intrigued, we wondered from where the concept for Tribe had come.

Tribe Valletta interior sign

Gary stated that he wanted the entire restaurant, from decor to the service to the food, to give a unique experience to its customers. “I have been traveling to taste different kinds of food while checking out their ambiance, and several high-end restaurants inspired me.

Tribe Valletta waiting for food

It led me to build a much-needed concept to be a part of Malta and create a distinction with uniqueness.”

Tribe Valletta preparing cocktails

This uniqueness and a love for food were always part of Gary. “I think it was always a part of my instinct to dedicate myself to the kitchen and eventually become a talented chef.”

Tribe Valletta interior decor jars

He told us his biggest influence was the head chef he worked with in previous years. “He taught me how to become a skillful and competent chef myself.

Tribe Valletta food served

Tribe Valletta croquettes

Bringing a lot of international influence into his food, Gary Falzon brings a fresh new concept. It seems the decor and food go hand in hand. Gary told us how Tribe offers good food, with a subtle designer interior touch and a good vibe atmosphere.

Tribe Valletta pancakes

“We have implemented an optimistic vibe with tasty food for everyone to enjoy, appreciate and thrive.”

Tribe Valletta kitchen team


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