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Brunch at Danny’s Kitchen & Deli is our exciting 1st ever review!

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Danny’s Kitchen & Deli is a cozy, good looking eatery, high on tasty breakfasts, lunches and of course, brunches!

Located amid showrooms and warehouses, one could be forgiven for thinking the location of ‘Danny’s Kitchen & Deli is not exactly the best. In addition, the place sides on one of the busiest roads I can think of on these islands.

Then again, which road in this country isn’t busy these days? Even though it has recently celebrated its second year of service, you might just have driven past it without giving it a glance, too busy swerving around the variety of cars or vans usually parked in the middle of the road. Anyway, traffic rant over.

Dannys Kitchen Burger

“What?! A place with really good food? There?” I skeptically asked Charlene when she told me about it. “Trust me with good brunch places” she said, “it’s good”. As soon as we walk in, I have a nagging feeling she is right (again). It is a Sunday afternoon and the place is buzzing. Good for us we have a reservation for brunch (Charlene, again).

Dannys Kitchen

The smell of food coming from the open kitchen is very inviting whilst the yellow and grey interior, with plants all around, is pleasant, relaxed, and informal. ‘Danny’s Kitchen & Deli’ looks like a combination between a modern trendy eatery, and a bar ‘Ta’ dari’ (from my home).

It was formerly a snack bar, after all, where you would go for tea or coffee and order a ‘ftira biz-zejt’ (which, by the way, is on the menu at Danny’s).

We are immediately greeted by one of the staff members who informs us that our table is not yet available for our brunch (in all fairness we did arrive a bit early). In the meantime, she invited us to stay at another (reserved) table and have a look at the menu.

The choice of wines and beers (written on a small hanging board) is very basic, but don’t forget, this place focuses mostly on breakfasts and lunches.

Dannys Kitchen

The variety of homemade juices is ample. We decided on a homemade apple, pineapple, and basil juice, and a wild berry iced tea. Food is flying out of the kitchen and it all looks great.

So, turning my attention to food, I reluctantly skip the selection of wraps, salads, and burgers, instead drawing my attention towards ‘Danny’s breakfast plate’, which is Danny’s version of an English breakfast.

I’m almost ready to order the food for my brunch when I notice a special of the day, gloriously written on the main board and spaced away from the rest as if to emphasize its importance.

When I was a kid, coming back from school, I loved that smell of fried ‘Lampuki’ taking over the house. There was something special in the way my father used to flour those fillets, creating that ‘Panura’ around the fish, placing them delicately in hot oil until they became brown and crispy.

Dannys Kitchen Lampuki

With those childhood memories in mind, I immediately end the contest and go for the ‘Lampuki and Caponata’ special. Charlene opts for a Spicy Chicken Burger with fries. We also order some Buffalo Chicken Bites as starter because, why not?

Whilst being directed to our table, I realise space is tight here at Danny’s Kitchen & Deli. Tables and chairs are compact, passages quite narrow. I had to be careful not to hit the gentleman behind me whilst sitting down. Whilst waiting for food, I keep fidgeting with my plastic-looking straw.

Dannys Kitchen Lampuki

Couldn’t I get a paper straw like Charlene? Suddenly, the waitress comes up, courteously pointing out how Charlene’s pink-coloured paper straw was chosen because it matched well with the colour of the iced tea.

“Um, ok” I say, thinking this is either excellent customer service, or else even the waitress was fed up of my fidgeting. “Is my straw made of plastic?” I add. “It’s biodegradable plastic”. Great! Two thumbs up.


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