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We got delivered 6 Fortify meals. After much excitement, this is what we thought.

Fortify takes the hassle out of healthy eating! We give you details about Fortify’s various plans and what we thought of their meals.

We all know what a bore calorie counting is, and if we are honest, who has time for this anyway? It has become more and more difficult to eat healthy whilst balancing time between other commitments.

Many do not have the luxury to prepare a nutritious yet delicious meal daily according to our requirements. The good news is that Fortify is here to help!

Charlene enjoying Fortify’s Asian style chicken during her lunch break
Charlene enjoying Fortify’s Asian style chicken during her lunch break

We were excited when Fortify contacted us to try out their nutritious meals Fortify contacted us to try out their nutritious meals, we were excited. We know that many of our followers are looking at ways to eat better without sacrificing much time from their busy schedules, so this sounded perfect.

Fortify offers meal plan deliveries so you can have healthy meals daily that only require a 2-minute re-heat.

In other words, all the time needed for meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, cooking and washing dishes and equipment after can be substituted by 2 minutes of microwave time to reheat these meals. It sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

Fortify meal packs. Featured is the Salmon fillet
Salmon Fillet

Fortify delivered six delicious meals straight to our door. We received Salmon Fillet, Beef Tagine, Beef Meatballs, Asian Style Chicken, Turkey Chili and Classic Greek Salad. All meals were packaged and delivered in Eco-friendly packaging, which is microwave safe.

You can reheat these meals directly and enjoy them without taking out a plate. Jon loves this option and really enjoys the luxury of saving time from washing plates and plating. I enjoyed plating my meals before sitting down to enjoy them – but it is completely up to you.

Getting started with Fortify is easy. You choose one of their meal plans split into categories; protein+, Pescatarian, vegetarian, Chef’s selection. Otherwise, you can choose to make a selection yourself.

Fortify meal packs. Featured is the beef tagine
Beef Tagine

You can then decide whether to select a pack of four, six, eight or twelve portions, according to your preferences. The Fortify website displays all nutritional information on every meal, such as macros and allergens.

Fortify gives you plenty of options to eat according to your preferences; you can even choose one of their package plans for whole-day plans. You can choose between the Balanced, Power, Convenience, Vegetarian, Keto or Personalized package plans.

The meal schedule changes every week so your plans will never be boring. You can even choose the number of days you want your meals delivered and for how many weeks you would like your meals provided to you. A special discount is offered on 4-week plans.

Fortify meal packs. Featured is the Greek salad
Greek salad

The Balanced Package plan gives you four complete meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and mixed nuts) at a starting price of €20 per day. This plan best suits people looking to lose weight without losing out on taste and nutrition. Meals are 1200 – 1400 kcal per day.

An example of one day on the balanced menu is a breakfast of yoghurt, Fresh fruit, Granola and ground flax, a lunch of whole grain pasta with lemon chicken, peas and asparagus, a dinner of Swedish meatballs with vegetable puree, and a snack of mini tortilla wraps with cream cheese and Parma ham. We love these meals when looking for low-calorie meals with low-calorie snacks options.

Fortify meal packs. Featured is the beef meatballs
Beef meatballs

If you’re looking for a diet plan which takes care of your energy levels and gives you enough power for your training, the power plan would be perfect for your needs. This plan has FIVE meals per day (breakfast, meal 1, meal 2, meal 3 and a snack) and is offered at a starting price of €25 per day. Each day will give you around 1800 – 2000 kcal.

A typical day is Clementine and honey couscous topped with Greek yoghurt and nuts for breakfast, Grilled Chicken Breast on a bed of Lentils, corn and peppers as meal 1, Smoked Duck Salad as meal 2, Egg and Chickpea Curry, with Rice Noodles as meal 3 and fresh fruit as a snack.

Fortify meal packs. Featured is the turkey chilli
Turkey chilli

Looking for a time-saver? If you are looking for some help with your meal planning, you might want Fortify to take care of your lunch and dinner rather than your full-day meals. For a starting price of €16.50 per day, you can have two meals daily in the Convenience meal plan.

These account for 800 – 1000 kcal per day. An example of two meals you would receive daily is the Turkey Chili Con Carne, topped with cheddar, Wholegrain Rice for lunch and the Tender Grilled Pork Steak, with BBQ Chickpeas and Broccoli for dinner. That’s right. All this for under 1000 calories.

We love that Fortify has a vegetarian plan. This offers breakfast, two meals and a snack for a starting price of €22 per day. This meal plan guarantees a wide variety of delicious meatless meals.

A typical day would include Scrambled Egg Roast Tomatoes, Spinach for breakfast, Lentils Chili, wholegrain rice, cherry tomato salsa for lunch, Vegetarian Korma Curry, Peas and Onion Bhaji for dinner and mixed nuts as a snack.

As for Ketogenic diets, Fortify keeps it interesting with their Keto Package Plan. Keto diet plans can be very effective for weight loss but can often be difficult to follow. Keto diets have high fat, moderately high protein and low carbohydrates. With this plan, Fortify offers a breakfast, two meals and a snack per day which is low carb and starts at €33 per day.

Fortify meal packs. Featured is the Asian style chicken
Asian style chicken

Every day is interesting and unique. A typical day can look as interesting as Mushroom, tomato and Spinach omelette Rolls for breakfast, Baked Merluzz Fillet on a bed of broccoli and Brussels Sprouts for lunch, Chicken with aubergines & yoghurt, tomato salad for dinner and Brazil nuts as snacks.

Below we list the dishes in the order of our personal preference. As you can see in the images below, all meals were quite full and filling. Eating healthy and low-calorie does not necessarily mean compromising on portion size.

6 Beef Tagine

  • Energy 446.5KCal

  • Protein 37.2g

  • Carbohydrates 40.4g

  • Fats 15.1g

The couscous salad was delicious. We really enjoyed this salad. It was light and refreshing. Although pleasantly spiced, we did feel that the beef was slightly overcooked for our liking and was a bit chewy. Even though this was the least favourite meal of the lot, we still quite enjoyed eating it.

5 Turkey Chili

  • Energy 417KCal

  • Protein 59.6g

  • Carbohydrates 18g

  • Fats 11.9g

This meal tastes and feels very autumny and is best reheated before eating. Although we enjoyed this meal, we would have preferred a bit more spice. However, if you don’t want the spices in your dish to overpower the entire taste, this would be to your liking. The chickpea and tomato side was very refreshing and complemented this meal perfectly.

4 Classic Greek Salad

  • Energy 259KCal

  • Protein 14.5g

  • Carbohydrates 9g

  • Fats 31.4g

The Classic Greek Salad was a great Mediterranean salad with a lovely mix of fresh vegetables and feta cheese. What we loved most was that the vegetables were crunchy (ensuring their freshness) and that the vegetable portions were well-proportioned. The olives gave this salad a nice touch of saltiness and we really enjoyed the generous amount of feta cheese.

3 Asian Style Chicken

  • Energy 476KCal

  • Protein 50.8g

  • Carbohydrates 20.1g

  • Fats 21.8g

The Asian Style Chicken is a meal of very tender chicken pieces sitting on a bed of pea mixture. We loved how tender the chicken pieces were and how well seasoned. I’m a little biased and quite enjoy peas with our meals so this definitely was a hit for me. We particularly enjoyed that the peas were crunchy and how well the soft texture of the red peppers balanced this out. We really enjoyed this light, yet filling meal, quite a lot.

2 Salmon Fillet

  • Energy 431KCal

  • Protein 33.9g

  • Carbohydrates 17.9g

  • Fats 24.6g

This is a lovely plate. We really enjoyed how the salmon was cooked and the delicious way the vegetables were prepared and cooked. They have that slight grill taste which we quite liked. We both agreed that this meal, given the lovely appearance of fish and the vegetables, is worth plating. We also recommend heating this dish before eating. If we were honest, this was a very close second place and was very close to being our absolute favourite.

1 Beef Meatballs

  • Energy 520KCal

  • Protein 38.4g

  • Carbohydrates 52.7g

  • Fats 18g

The Beef Meatballs were one of our favourite meals. The meatballs were nicely sized and very flavourful, perfectly spiced. They are quite enjoyable to eat and have the right amount of flavour, texture and meat. You can taste how genuine these meatballs are and give us the sense of a home cooked meal without the hassle of taking out all of your kitchen items and making them yourself.

Even the vegetable sides (zucchini and tomatoes) were a great choice to complement this meal. With this meal, you are also given a side of plain rice which balanced the flavours from the meatballs and vegetables. Well done Fortify. These were excellent.

We would recommend Fortify for meal plan delivery. There are plenty of options, whether trying to eat more wholesome, nutritious meals or looking to start a healthy diet. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, working out and need more energy, following a keto diet plan or looking for low-calorie meals. Fortify has an option for you without spending any time in the kitchen.


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