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Trell Restaurant: Heartwarming delights on the Marsaxlokk front

Discover the culinary delights of Trell Restaurant in Marsaxlokk and why we have already planned our second trip down south!

Nestled along the picturesque Marsaxlokk seafront, Trell Restaurant stands out not just for its prime location opposite the bustling market and a stone’s throw from the main Piazza but also for its culinary prowess.

While Marsaxlokk is synonymous with fish delicacies, Trell offers a delightful surprise with its diverse menu beyond just seafood.

Trell Restaurant interior

A Place with a Story

The restaurant’s quaint and pleasing decor gives it a homely feel without being overly so. Behind this establishment is the passionate Christina Camilleri, co-owner of Trell Restaurant. During our conversation, she told us about her challenges in finding the right partner for this venture.

Boneless Chicken Thighs

The journey of refurbishing was intense; from scrubbing the floors with her own hands to handling the electrical work, Christina was hands-on. The transformation saw new tables, chairs, and a freshly painted bar, all done by Christina herself.

One might wonder about the unique name, ‘Trell’. It’s inspired by the' Trilja' fish, with 'Trell' being its pronunciation ’a la Xlukkajra’. The name was serendipitously suggested by a customer when Christina inquired about their favourite fish, and it resonated with her.

Wine sipping at Trell Restaurant

Why Chef Christian Stellini?

The culinary magic in the kitchen at Trell is orchestrated by Chef Christian Stellini, formerly the Head Chef at Fredy’s Diner in Qormi. Christina’s past collaboration with Chris made her confident in their shared vision for Trell.

Both are uncompromising about using only the finest ingredients, even if it means increased costs.

Their shared goal? Dishes with a delightful twist.

Mussels with Napoli Sausage, Dill, and Cream

Our Gastronomic Journey

Our culinary adventure began with the Octopus in Black Garlic. Adorned with edible flowers, it presented a distinct black garlic flavour. Although a touch more salt might have elevated it, the impeccably cooked octopus ensured it was a delightful introduction to our meal.

Octopus in Black Garlic

The Crunchy Pork Ribs with Maple Sriracha Glaze were next, offering a generous portion that teased with a crunchy exterior hinting at charcoal, all while revealing tender meat beneath. Our tip - get yourself a nice cold beer with these!

Crunchy Pork Ribs with Maple Sriracha Glaze

It’s a dish that makes you promise yourself a return visit. Following this, we were treated to Mussels with Napoli Sausage, Dill, and Cream. This dish gave the classic mussels a creamy makeover, resulting in a flavourful and hearty serving. Don't forget to keep some bread for dipping!

The Vesuvio Pasta was a visual treat, its green hue rich with local white prawns and highlighted with hazelnuts. It was a delightful combination, pleasing both the eye and the palate.

Vesuvio Pasta at Trell Restaurant

The Boneless Chicken Thighs dish was the start of the day. The chicken was crispy outside with a chargrilled touch and tender within. Paired with silky mashed potatoes, decadently good cheese sauce, and caramelised onions, this could easily be one of the best chicken dishes we’ve encountered!

Weird Cheesecake with Pistachio and Granola

The Weird Cheesecake with Pistachio and Granola stood out as we moved to desserts. Its size matched its flavour, with the granola adding a delightful crunch, making it a unique cheesecake experience. The Orange Tart with Vanilla Yoghurt was the perfect light and refreshing dessert to round off our hearty meal.

Lastly, Christina’s espresso is not to be missed for those who appreciate a good coffee after dinner. It provided the perfect conclusion to our delightful dining experience.

Orange Tart with Vanilla Yoghurt


With the promise of dishes like Sirloin and Gnocchi with smoked cheddar, a return visit is not a matter of if but when. Trell Restaurant isn't just about food; it's a statement of intent.

The dedication to quality and the innovative twists on classic dishes make Trell a must-visit. Until our next visit, the memories of this visit will linger.


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