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Tapea Restaurant provided us with 3 things – amazing food, ambiance & service!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Tapea Restaurant: A perfect restart for our culinary adventures. Indulge in exquisite food at Mensija Street, St Julians.

As soon as we entered Tapea Restaurant we immediately felt welcome and at ease. The kitchen is at the heart of the place. The busy chefs and staff around it are its beating soul.

We sat in the rear part of the restaurant, a thinly covered open space decorated with light furniture, soft lighting and lots of plants. The environment at Tapea Restaurant felt like an intimate garden area. The atmosphere was relaxed, yet buoyant.

Tapea Restaurant interior
The ambiance at is relaxing, and highly pleasing

Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) is offered to all patrons, followed by freshly (in-house) made bread (ours was not warm, though). The staff at Tapea Restaurant were immensely professional, yet friendly. Each dish is not introduced on the menu until perfect, and each waiter/waitress tastes it so they know well what they are serving.

We started with the Gazpacho. Tomato is the master ingredient here, with the soup thick, but pleasurably smooth. It also has the right balance of taste between tomato, garlic, peppers and olive oil. The small pieces of capsicum gave it a welcome bite. This was the perfect choice if, like us, you miss your soups, but want something refreshing for summer.

Tapea Restaurant Gazpacho
Gazpacho at Tapea Restaurant

The Spider Crab Brioche consisted of three beautiful brioche buns filled with crab and drizzled with wakame, green mustard and siracha sauce. The buns were light, buttery and as soft as your dreamy pillow. What we liked the most was the taste of crab, which hit us just after we had started coming to terms with how tender and good the brioche was.

Tapea Restaurant Spider Crab Brioche
Spider Crab Brioche

The Baby Squid with onions and broad beans had a very nutty taste, a soft texture, and a slightly overpowering taste of broad beans. It was probably the least of our favourites at Tapea Restaurant, but still a lovely dish!

Tapea Restaurant Baby Squid with onions and broad beans
Baby Squid with Onions & Broad Beans

The Jamon presented to us by the staff at Tapea Restaurant was cured for 36 months and this was fully reflected in the exquisite aroma that engulfed our taste buds with each cut.

Tapea Restaurant Jamon, cured for 36 months
Jamon, cured for 36 months

The Hake Delicacies served in a sauce of parsley, garlic and white wine, with clams and mussels was a hearty portion, so much so we could have easily shared between us two. Those soft delicacies (a cross between fish cakes and meatballs) were light and really delicious. Plus, we couldn’t get enough of that thick garlic sauce.

Tapea Restaurant Hake Delicacies
Hake Delicacies served in a sauce of parsley, garlic and white wine

It was a pleasure to try the Crema Catalana, that stalwart of Spanish cuisine with its rich and creamy texture. We had just enough caramel on top to get us excited once we broke through it. The star dessert though was the creamy Truffle Cake. What can we say? Amazing!

A burst of truffle flavour captures your mouth with each spoon. The cake was really rich in flavour, almost heavy one could say, yet the texture was delicate on the palate, the mark of a very good chocolate dessert. Easily one of the best desserts we have had this year.

Tapea Restaurant Crema Catalana and Truffle Cake
Crema Catalana and Truffle Cake

Located a few steps away from another of our favourite places, the place just demands that you relax and enjoy your time there. We loved the attention to detail, and it is clear that the people behind Tapea Restaurant are really making an effort to give you an authentic Spanish experience, stylishly. Even the porcelain coffee cup comes from Girona.

Tapea Restaurant coffee
Coffee, served in a porcelain coffee cup from Girona

They have big plans for this place and we think you, the readers, should be part of those plans. You’ll thank us later.


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