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Mango coconut balls are the sugar-free snack bliss you must try!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

These mango coconut balls are the perfect healthy snack if you are looking for a quick and easy recipe that is full of flavour.

Let’s be honest. Mango makes almost every recipe better. This super sweet fruit is perfect for people who crave something sweet but would rather avoid adding unnecessary processed sugars to their diet. With these mango coconut balls, you will not be looking at packaged snacks in vending machines any time soon!

Mangoes are not always available and can sometimes be rather pricey. For this reason, where possible, we tend to opt for frozen mangoes. Lately, we have started to use Asiago frozen fruit from Whatsinstore in our recipes and the Asiago Frozen Mangoes worked a charm for this recipe. Although often used in savoury dishes, we also love using mangoes to make sweet snacks – in hopes of opting for delicious, yet less processed treats with unnecessary sugars.

Mango Coconut Balls

Mangoes retain their full value of nutrients when frozen. With that in mind, we try to find as many ways as we can to include mangoes in our diet. Having said that, it is also important that although Mango is very healthy and full of great nutrients such as magnesium and potassium, like everything else, it should be consumed in moderation.

One of our favourite ways to consume mangoes is by making mango coconut balls. A really easy and delicious way to enjoy this fruit. This mango coconut balls recipe could not be any easier, provided that you have a food processor! Their size also makes them very practical, especially for those busy people who are on the move from one lecture room to another, or looking for a quick snack during their working hours.

All you need to do is blend all of the ingredients in a processor and roll into ball shapes. The process only takes you around 20 minutes from start to finish. Not bad, right? This recipe includes roasted cashew nuts so if you buy raw cashews, you can either use raw instead of roasted or quickly roast them in the oven. We prefer the latter.

Also, mango coconut balls are a great introduction for young kids to the kitchen. The recipe is simple, no baking is required, you do not need to chop up any of the ingredients with a knife. We’re sure kids will enjoy rolling the mixture into balls and then again, in the coconut coating.

Mango Coconut Balls

Another advantage is that there is minimum wait time as these balls are ready instantly upon rolling. Everyone will surely enjoy eating these and most will probably come up with suggestions on other fruit balls to prepare next time! Please be careful that the processed nut pieces are not too large, as this might become a choking hazard. We would suggest putting these first in the food processor.

We like to point out that this recipe is vegan, gluten free and lactose free. It is a treat for everyone and the perfect snack. This mango coconut balls recipe makes around 12 energy balls, depending on how small you roll the balls. Each of these mango coconut balls contains around 80 calories. These mango coconut balls are very versatile and you can add different ingredients to add a bit of kick, flavour or nutrients.

Popular additions are hemp seeds, walnuts and cinnamon. Keep in mind that when you add additional ingredients, the caloric value may change. In this article, we keep the recipe simple, but definitely do not compromise on the taste!


100g defrosted Asiago Frozen Mango pieces

100g rolled oats

70g roasted cashew nuts

45g desiccated coconut (and some extra for coating)

18 pitted dried dates


  1. If the cashew nuts are not roasted, roast in an oven at 220°C until golden brown

  2. Process all ingredients in a food mixture until a sticky mixture is formed.

  3. Roll the mixture into 12 balls

  4. Roll in desiccated coconut and store until ready for consumption

As you can see this Mango Coconut Balls recipe is very easy to make and using frozen mangoes, can be quite affordable. We recommend storing these in airtight containers so that they keep for longer.

We also recommend that you do not keep these for longer than a couple of days. They are so quick to make, you can easily make a new batch when these run out!

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