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Why Grain Street’s Sommelier Experience is quite the dining experience

Grain Street in Valletta offers 'The Sommelier Experience', pairing a range of dishes with expertly chosen wines.

Step into the vibrant world of Grain Street, a streetside gem nestled in the historic heart of Valletta. With its contemporary flair and Mediterranean-inspired dishes, Grain Street offers a dining experience that’s both chic and convivial.

Whether seated amidst its stylish interiors or enjoying the al fresco option, you’re in for a treat.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience menu

A Glimpse into Grain Street’s Essence

Grain Street isn’t just another restaurant; it’s a culinary adventure. The establishment challenges traditional norms with its curated à la carte menu that excites the palate with European-inspired dishes.

Grain Street facade at Rosselli AX

There's something for everyone, from tantalising snacks and charcuterie to flavourful sharing plates. And for the wine aficionados?

Their seasonally updated wine list ensures you have the perfect glass or bottle to complement your meal.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience romantic dinner

The Maestro Behind the Magic: Chef Victor Borg

The culinary genius steering the ship at Grain is the award-winning Chef Victor Borg. With a resume boasting stints at world-renowned establishments like Gordon Ramsay’s Aubergine in London and the two-MICHELIN-starred Bagatelle in Oslo, Chef Borg’s expertise is evident.

Under his leadership, Grain’s fine dining counterpart, Under Grain, clinched a MICHELIN star just five months after its grand opening. And the accolades didn’t stop there. Grain Street, too, received its nod from MICHELIN, earning a Bib Gourmand in record time.

This achievement marked Grain as the first Maltese brand to house two MICHELIN-rated restaurants under one roof, a testament to the brand’s commitment to culinary excellence.

We had the pleasure to interview Chef Victor Borg at Under Grain a while ago, and we were captivated by his knowledge, enthusiasm and love of teamwork.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience Chef Victor Borg

The Sommelier Experience: A Symphony of Flavours

Grain Street’s new Sommelier Wine Experience is the talk of the town. This unique offering allows diners to indulge in a selection of wines hand-picked by their expert sommelier team.

Whether you’re dining al fresco, soaking in the ambience of bustling Merchants Street, or nestled inside amidst the chic decor, this experience promises a memorable evening.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience wine glasses

A Feast for the Senses: Our Dining Experience

To Share or Not to Share?

First Round:

The Lasagnette Fritti, with its mozzarella di bufala and Parmesan emulsion, was the perfect teaser. These little fried delights awakened our taste buds, setting the stage for what would come.

The B&W black ink and white fish beignet, paired with a coconut yoghurt emulsion, was an instant hit. Our only wish? More of these delightful morsels!

The cherry on top was the accompanying Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore Brut, with its notes of stone fruit, pear, and fresh grass.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience bites

Second Round:

The Lasagne nera, a medley of calamari, squid ink, and nduja, was the show's star. A staple on Grain Street’s menu, it’s a dish we’d gladly return for.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience lasagna and risotto

The ‘Acquarello’ risotto, named after the aged Italian carnaroli rice, was a revelation. Its creamy texture, combined with pumpkin, gorgonzola dolce, and sage, was a treat for the palate.

The Pinot Blanc Reserve was the perfect accompaniment with its floral and fruity undertones.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience pumpkin risotto

Third Round:

The milk-fed veal ‘Milanese’, paired with a chicory & hazelnut salad, was a delightful juxtaposition of tender meat and crunchy crust. The fresh fish of the day, served with BBQ local cabbage and spiced brown butter, was a testament to Grain Street’s commitment to fresh, local produce.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience fish and veal milanese

The Amira Nero d’Avola 2020 was the ideal wine pairing with its fruity notes of plum and cherries.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience veal milanese

Grain Street Sommelier Experience fresh fish


The glazed passionfruit tart, paired with yoghurt ice cream, was a refreshing end to our meal. But the pièce de résistance was the mille-feuille of caramelized dark chocolate. Paired with pistachio cremaux, white chocolate ice cream, caramel, and yuzu, it was a symphony of flavours.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience desserts

The 2021 Vasse Felix Cane Cut Semillon, with its notes of vanilla cream, honeysuckle, and dried apricot, was the perfect sweet ending.

Grain Street mille feillue dessert


With its innovative dishes, impeccable service, and chic ambience, Grain Street at Rosselli AX Privilege is a must-visit for anyone in Valletta. Add this gem to your list whether you’re a local or a tourist.

Grain Street Sommelier Experience Nero d'Avola

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Bilal Çeler
Bilal Çeler
17. Mai

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Malta. I, too, have had the Lasagne nera here and after sticking my fork into the dish and taking the first bite I reacted like; “OMG! What did I just eat?!” 🤤 It was worth every bit of pennies and calories and all sorts of things.

Great content by the way. I will read more of your reviews. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes

Bilal :)

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