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The Sweet Connection: Chocolate and Valentine's Day

Explore the timeless romance between chocolate and Valentine's Day, from historical traditions to the iconic Baci Perugina.

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Chocolate and Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, a celebration of love and affection. It is synonymous with giving chocolates, a tradition rooted in centuries of history. This sweet confection, once a luxury reserved for the elite, has become the universal language of love. 

chocolate treats for valentines

The story of chocolate is as rich and complex as its flavours, intertwining with the history of Valentine's Day to create a tradition celebrated around the globe. 

Today, we explore the deep connection between chocolate and Valentine's Day, highlighting the cultural, historical, and emotional threads that bind them.

The History of Chocolate as a Love Token

Chocolate's journey from a bitter beverage to a sweet confection is a tale of transformation and luxury. Originating in Mesoamerica over 3,500 years ago, chocolate was initially consumed as a bitter drink, often mixed with spices or wine, and was believed to have aphrodisiac properties. 

Chocolate brownie with biscuits

As chocolate made its way to Europe in the 16th century, it was embraced by the aristocracy as a symbol of wealth and status. The association of chocolate with love and desire began to take shape in the salons of Europe, where it was celebrated for its supposed ability to kindle romantic passion. 

This belief, coupled with chocolate's rarity and cost, cemented its status as the perfect love token.

The Rise of Chocolate in Valentine's Day Celebrations

So we are imagining you to be reading this whilst enjoying something delicious, like perhaps a hot cup of hot chocolate, which we think would be quite appropriate! The tradition of giving chocolate as a gift for Valentine's Day gained momentum in the 19th century, thanks to advancements in chocolate production and the Victorian era's fascination with elaborate courtship rituals. 

Hot chocolate Sunday in Scotland

Richard Cadbury, of the famed Cadbury chocolate company, is credited with creating the first box of Valentine's Day chocolates in 1861, packaging them in heart-shaped boxes adorned with Cupids and roses. 

This innovation utilised the byproducts of his new cocoa press and tapped into the Victorian penchant for sentimental gifts, making chocolate an indispensable part of Valentine's Day celebrations.

The Art of Chocolate Making

The transformation of the humble cocoa bean into chocolate is an art form that combines tradition with technological innovation (We all fondly remember the movie 'Chocolat', don't we). From harvesting the beans to the meticulous process of fermentation, drying, roasting, and conching, chocolate making is a craft that requires skill and patience. 

The final product, whether a simple chocolate bar or an intricate confection, is a testament to the chocolate maker's expertise. Artisan and specialty chocolatiers worldwide continue to push the boundaries of chocolate making, experimenting with flavours, textures, and forms to create chocolates that are not just delicious but also works of art.

If like us you have been following French-Swiss pastry chef and chocolatier Amaury Guichon on social media, you'll know what we mean. The guy is an absolute chocolate genius!

Baci Perugina: A Symbol of Love

We all know about them; we all love them. Nestled in the heart of Italy, Baci Perugina stands as a testament to the enduring association between chocolate and expressions of love. Created in 1922 by Luisa Spagnoli, Baci—meaning "kisses" in Italian—was an instant symbol of affection. 

Each chocolate comprises a harmonious blend of gianduia, a whole hazelnut, and a dark chocolate shell encapsulated in a starry silver foil with a love note. These notes, bearing love messages from famous writers and philosophers, transform each Baci into a messenger of affection. 

The tradition of Baci Perugina, with its rich history and romantic allure, captures the essence of Valentine's Day, making it a cherished gift among lovers worldwide.

The Global Love for Chocolate

Chocolate's appeal transcends borders, with different cultures incorporating it into their celebrations of love and affection. In Japan, for example, Valentine's Day is celebrated with women giving chocolates to men. This tradition is mirrored on White Day when men return the favour. 

Tony's chocolonely

Studies and statistics reveal that chocolate consumption spikes around Valentine's Day, underscoring its role as a universal symbol of love. This global love affair with chocolate is a testament to its irresistible taste and ability to convey feelings of love, gratitude, and affection.

Have a chocolate-full Valentine's Day!

The connection between chocolate and Valentine's Day is a sweet tradition that has evolved over centuries. From its origins as a luxury item to its status as the quintessential gift of love, chocolate has captured hearts worldwide. 

Chocolate used in recipes

As we celebrate Valentine's Day, the giving of chocolate remains a cherished ritual, a symbol of affection that transcends words, embodying the sweetness of love itself.

Throughout our recipe section, we have many recipes involving chocolate, which are sure to be a hit with your special ones!


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