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Black Eye Social Coffee in Sliema. Coffee, cocktails and chill.

Black Eye Social Coffee in Sliema aims to give you a chill-out time and a new experience.

Passing by Rudolph Street in Sliema, you may not notice it. Looking more carefully, you will see a small bar behind a black tattoo shopfront. There is normally a warm and vibrant atmosphere, whilst the bar serves strong coffees, beers, or cocktails.

Black Eyes Social Coffee interior

Black Eye Social Coffee is part of Black eye specialist Tattoo Studio. It opened its doors in 2021 to create a space where people can experience a chill vibe and crafted drinks, including artisan Coffees and Cocktails. A welcome addition to the vibrant coffee scene in Malta and Gozo. We spoke to Anthony from Black Eye Social Coffee to discover more about the place.

Anthony told us how creativity is at the heart of Black Eye Social Coffee, with live music events being one of the initiatives. One of the intentions of black eye specialists is to invite new creatives to show their talents and skills.

Black Eyes Social Coffee espresso martini

Live music events occur in Black Eye’s Cosy Garden. Here, musicians not so mainstream styles, like Sitar players, African musicians, and Mediterranean music, can find a place to show their talents. Jamming sessions involving new individuals seeking their creativity are also in the pipeline.

Black Eyes Social Coffee mohito cocktail

We loved chilling out in the Cosy Garden area whilst enjoying a few cocktails. Anthony told us how the chill-out area is a space where people can enjoy their coffee during the morning, even doing their work.

Black Eyes Social Coffee Charlene enjoying martini

In the late afternoon or evening, this a great place where people can meet some friends and have a good time over a few cocktails. This chill-out area is also perfect for jamming sessions and game nights!

If you are unsure which cocktail to choose, we can suggest ‘The Pistolero’, the signature drink of Black Eye Social. This cocktail is the creation of Black Eye Social Coffee’s talented main barista. The name represents their barista himself, a very hardworking and proactive person. Head over to our Instagram page to see him in action!

Black Eyes Social Coffee el pistolero

Look no further if you are looking for work and fancy preparing a few of those cocktails. Black Eye Social Coffee’s talented bar supervisor is creating a course. The course will serve as an introduction to bar and coffee shops for ex-pats just starting to work in Malta’s catering businesses.

Black Eyes Social Coffee barman

Speaking of coffee, we cannot forget to mention their Resurrection Blend coffee. Resurrection Blend is a dark roast with intense spicy cinnamon, dark chocolate, and roasted nuts aromas. As the bags state, the Resurrection Blend is strong enough to wake the dead!

Dark Roasted, this blend is seriously strong and has maximum taste. We know. We tried it! Black Eye Social Coffee specialises in importing artisan coffees from countries like Uganda, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Vietnam.

Black Eyes Social Coffee resurrection blend

With all this activity, what are the plans for the future of Black Eye Social Coffee? Anthony told us how Black Eye Social Coffee is evolving into giving its customers a unique experience.

Black Eyes Social Coffee chill out area

The aim is to create a different style from what you would normally consider a ‘bar’ atmosphere. Their plans focus on the continued creation of a creative and chill-out space where customers can enjoy quality drinks and atmosphere.


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