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Best coffee shops in Malta? Here are 9 places we recommend!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Looking for the best coffee shops in Malta? Here are our 9 favourite coffee shops around the islands.

In recent years, we have seen a number of new coffee shops in Malta. We at OMGFoodMalta love a good cup of coffee, and we have been to various outlets looking for the best coffee in Malta & Gozo.

Picture this. You’re sitting at some restaurant or coffee shop in Malta or Gozo, you are looking at your espresso or cappuccino. The colour is right, but there is something slightly off about it. After your first sip, a burst of acidity hits your taste buds.


It is sharp and unpleasant. It is frustrating, and unless the coffee is exceptionally bad (which happened a few times, don’t worry), you somehow down it, make some funny face and get on with your life.

It should not be that way. Coffee should be the bringer of joy. A moment to savour. From espresso to instant, coffee is part of the daily routine for millions of people worldwide the world. There are two main types of coffee. 60% of the world’s coffee is the Arabica type (faster, and cheaper, often used to make your Nescafe), and 30% Robusta (used for the specialty type).


Coffee aficionados, however, will tell you that this is not what defines coffee. It is all about the origin – the region, farm and the different climatic and soil conditions. The origin is important because for artisanal coffee it is about giving due importance to the bean and, as a result, to the people who grew it.

What makes a good cup of coffee is always a topic for debate. Many of us have been raised on instant coffee or using some coffee machine, so we learned to expect our cup of coffee to contain bitter, woody-tasting liquid that needs a considerable amount of milk and sugar to make it palatable.


When we got to taste specialty coffee, it was a revelation, and so we realised that good quality coffee is worth spending a bit more. Various countries have seen a surge in specialty coffee shops in recent years. Whilst this surge has been less so in Malta, we still have experienced the opening of some ‘third wave’ artisanal coffee shops.

So, with that in mind, where would you find the best coffee shops in Malta? We give you our favourite coffee places around the Maltese Islands. Some give utmost importance to the type of coffee you drink, while others give you a mix of coffee and atmosphere.

Valletta is not home only to great restaurants. Any serious coffee lover on the Maltese Islands knows about Lot 61, specialty coffee supremos. If you are looking for some of the best coffee in Malta, this is a place for you.


The people at Lot 61 source green coffee beans from different parts of the world, roast them at their roasters in Naxxar and then distribute accordingly to their own shops as well as various others. You’ll see a Lot 61 sign outside various outlets around the Maltese Islands, which normally means you’ll probably get a good cup of coffee.

For us in particular, there’s something about their outlet in Old Theatre Street, Valletta. It came as no surprise to us when in 2019, it was listed in Big 7 Travel’s ‘50 Best Coffee Shops In Europe’. Lot61 in Valletta is small, charming, and located in a great location. The service has always been with a smile, and the coffee is excellent. We are particularly fond of their Mocha!

As you know we love a good cup of coffee, and as you might have guessed by now if you have been following us, one of our favourite places to get our coffee fix is Mumenti, a charming little coffee spot in the very heart of Mosta.


Having spoken to Dyan, owner of Mumenti, he had emphasised to us that for him, the place is not just about coffee, there is also a lifestyle around it. We start our day with coffee. We enjoy conversations with people over a cup of coffee. We live moments with coffee, hence the name ‘Mumenti’.

The place also comes alive in the evenings, where apart from coffee, you can also enjoy a few inspiring cocktails and a great atmosphere. Best coffee in Malta? Certainly one of the nicest!

Originally a clothes shop for men, the Kir Royale was transformed into a cafe by owner Lee Garrard in 2019. Located in the upper part of St Paul’s Street, Valletta (a short walk away from Castille), we had the pleasure of visiting recently to get a taste of his latte and the classic cappuccino. Both were delightful in their simplicity. A selection of lovely pastries and sweets are available to enjoy with your coffee.


Lee specializes in coffee after having studied about it in Florence. His top priority apart from serving excellent coffees is to make sure his clients are happy, hence his services with a smile. The place is also pet friendly which is always a bonus for us! Also, if you feel like something chilled, Kir Royale also offers Kombucha bottles from ‘Your Kombucha’ in a variety of flavours.

Stepping into Little Chief in Marsascala, one is instantly enveloped by the intoxicating scent of freshly brewed coffee, a testament to the establishment's dedication to their craft. At its core is Tricia Averaimo, a true coffee aficionado whose fervor for specialty coffee has led her on a worldwide exploration of the bean. As she told us in our interview with her, Her passion and expertise are palpable in every cup served, making 'Little Chief' a deserving addition to our list of best coffee places.

Little Chief staff working

Coffee Circus has been on the islands for some time now. Launched in 2014, you may remember their cute little tuk-tuk selling coffee in Sliema. These days, you may have noticed a sign with Coffee Circus when passing by Rue D’Argens in Gzira. They serve Seven Beans Speciality Coffee, and we think it is one of the best coffee in Malta.


What we love about the place is the cosy, relaxed atmosphere. It feels as if you are having coffee at someone’s home. When there, we grabbed one of their Pasteu de Nata, a typical Portuguese sweet to accompany our espresso.

If you’re not into that strong little wonder called espresso, they have a variety of coffee types like your usual cappuccino, americano, latte and iced coffee. They also serve some chai lattes, a few beer types and of course, a small selection of sweet delights!

Cafe Berry, Sliema/Valletta

Caffe’ Berry is a tiny little coffee shop in Triq San Duminku, Sliema. The place is small and its location makes it somewhat hidden. Nevertheless, it’s catchy dark blue colour and circular sign makes it stand out and you won’t have much of a problem finding it. Cafe Berry have also recently opened a new coffee shop in Republic Street, Valletta (a few metres down from Pjazza San Gorg).

The concept of Caffe’ Berry is a healthy cafe, vegetarian-friendly, with gluten-free options. They have several interesting drinks on the menu such as Iced Pistachio Mocha, Pistachio Cappuccino, Hazelnut Espresso, and many more. Caffe’ Berry also offers a wide range of products such as coffee beans, tea, herbs, jam, and chocolate.

Of course, they also offer sweet treats such as cooked biscotti, gâteau and tiramisu. We love the variety they have on offer and really think their berrycino – a pistachio bronte coffee – is amazing! Some of the best coffee in Malta you could ask for.

A Gozitan institution in terms of coffee bars. Located in St Francis Square, Victoria, it’s corner location gives it plenty of outside seating opportunities. Inside, Tepie’s Bar gives you more the feeling of a traditional Maltese coffeehouse, with it’s simple decor and continuous benches.


Victoria Central, located in the heart of Victoria, Gozo, is a coffee shop that stands out from the crowd. Opposite Pjazza Indipendenza, this establishment offers a unique coffee experience to all its patrons. With a focus on quality, Victoria Central roasts its own speciality coffee in-house, ensuring that each cup is as fresh as it can be. This, combined with the expert knowledge of the baristas, results in a truly exceptional coffee.

Victoria Central Coffee Shop facade in Gozo

In addition to the traditional coffee offerings, Victoria Central also offers coffee cupping sessions. These sessions allow coffee enthusiasts to sample and evaluate the different coffee blends on offer, learning about the process and different taste profiles. The coffee shop's relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff make it a popular spot for both locals and visitors alike.

Whether you're looking for a quick coffee on the go, or you want to take your time and savour every sip, Victoria Central is the perfect place to visit. So, if you're in Gozo, be sure to stop by and try the coffee for yourself.


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