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Advent Calendar Malta: Warm Beverage Advent Calendar 2021 ultimate list!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

The Warm Beverage Advent Calendar Malta is the ultimate list to warm your heart and loved ones!

It’s cold outside (by Malta’s standards), and nothing is more enjoyable than a day indoors with a hot drink and snack while enjoying a nice movie or a good book. Advent Calendars are a great way to carefully select little gifts that a loved one would want, wrap them up and let them open them up, each one on a different day from 1st December till 24th December.

You can take plenty of different approaches to Christmas Advent Calendars in Malta according to the recipient’s likes and preferences (if not food related, we’d love an essence advent calendar 2021, for example).

Advent Calendar

If you want a ready-made Christmas Advent Calendar with fine, Italian chocolate, we highly suggest the Venchi Advent Calendar from Is-Suq tal-Belt. Your loved one would appreciate choosing one of the better Chocolate Advent Calendars Malta for offer.

Beer lovers would love the Popp Advent Calendar in Malta. The recipient would have the joy of revealing a full bottle of craft beer every day for 24 days in December. There are 21 different beer styles from 8 countries (13 breweries). This is a great way for your loved one to be introduced to some great craft beers. We loved ours last year (you may have seen our stories) and we can’t wait to get started on ours.

Warm bevarage

If you want to get more personal and have more time on your hands, you might want to make your own. We have guides to help you get started. Why not check out this guide if you're creating a sweet Advent Calendar Malta 2021?

In the mood for different alcoholic drinks daily? Why not look at our suggestions in this Spirits Drink Advent Calendar Malta? Everything listed in these guides can be found locally.

This article is all about creating your hot beverages Christmas Advent Calendar Malta. Here are our ideas for teas, coffees, hot chocolates, and treats for your Advent Calendar Malta. Don’t forget to add a packet of mini marshmallows for the extra cold winter day feeling!


Tettiera (teapot in Maltese) is one of our favourites for artisan Maltese blends and deserves a place in your tea Advent Calendar Malta. They specialise in teas, herbs, spices, pralines, and much more. The taste and gorgeous packaging add class to your selection. Here are our favourites that we think you should include.

These Tettiera Tea Glass Tubes are gorgeous and convenient. They make for great gifts. There are plenty of flavoured Black Tea options such as Earl Grey Radiance, Chai options such as Masala Chai, Green Teas such as Tempting Raspberry and Mango Twist, Rooibos options such as Vanilla, Oolong such as Milky Oolong, Tisanes, and Herbs, Spices & Botanicals such as Hibiscus Flowers and Lavender. You can even choose a gift box of 12 or 24 Tea Glass Tubes and set these for different Advent calendar days.

The Tettiera Biscuit Rituals Berry Compote Biscuit Box are perfect tea-time treat. These delicious treats made by Jo’s Delights for Tettiera are Vegan and Gluten Free. This delicious box contains 8 large biscuits and would be certainly appreciated by the recipient.

With a cute name like Tini Tghanniqa Mug Pack (Tini Tghanniqa Mug Pack (literally meaning hug me), how can you not include this Mug Pack in your Advent Calendar? At €21.00, the recipient would receive 2 eco tea sacks, 2 Tettiera tea, cacao pralines, and the beautiful Tettiera tile pattern ceramic mug.

Mantra Malta

Roderick Micallef created mantra in 2018, so they have been around for a while and promise to bring healthy and tasty treats to their clients in Malta. Your Hot Beverage Advent Calendar should include a few of their Christmas treats.

Mantra sells some delicious and healthy Superfood Lattes packets which come in a range of flavours, Charcoal, African Rooibos Latte, Butterfly Pea Latte, Golden Tumeric Latte, Guarana Cacao Latte, Beetroot Cacao Latte, Green Matcha Latte. Each Latte package has many benefits. For example, the Green Matcha Latte is great for detoxing, fat loss and immune system strength.

Although not a hot beverage, if you’re looking for something different in your Advent Calendar selection in Malta, you should try these Fonte Frappes blends. There are a range of flavours; Caramel Coffee, Cookies & Cream, Coconut Cream, White Chocolate, Vanilla, Dark Mocha, Yogurt, Matcha, Chocolate and Coffee.

Your Advent Calendar Malta would be extra special with some Japanese Loose Leaf Green Teas from Mantra. There are five flavours: Moya Bancha, Moya Sencha No.21, Moya Kukicha, Moya Hojicha or Moya Genmaicha.

Malta Chocolate Factory

You could get Chocbombs from Malta Chocolate Factory (some with no added sugar) to make delicious hot chocolates. Place in a mug and melt in hot milk. Delicious. You could get these flavours: White (no added sugar), Milk (no added sugar), Milk Caramel Chocolate, White chocolate, Dark chocolate or Milk chocolate.

Brew Tea & Coffee Merchants

The idea for Brew Tea & Coffee Merchants was born by two brothers in 2010, whilst their first retail store was opened in 2014. They are the official ambassadors of HARIO in Malta, and plenty of tea, coffee, and accessories are available that are worth looking out for.

You can even opt for a subscription coffee plan which they also offer. We think they have plenty of options you can add to your Hot Beverage Advent Calendar from Malta.

Denise Caruana Services

If you’re looking for speciality loose-leaf teas for your Advent Calendar Malta at great prices and great quality, you might be tempted into this delicious range of flavours and blends of Brew Loose Leaf Teas. Some flavours offered include; Sencha Red Ginseng, Mango Bliss, Green Chai, Turmeric Gold, Ceylon Caramel, Chamomile, Ginger & Lemon, Black Chai, Orange Cinnamon Biscuit, Bora Bora, Earl Grey 1833, Green Menthos, Milky Oolong and Pu Mu Tan.

Lot Sixty One

Lot Sixty One does not need any introduction and is one of the most popular coffee shops on the Island. Well known for its coffee blends, you can also shop for its coffees online from their shop. You’ll find many items that add to a great and special Advent Calendar in Malta.

Ground Coffee from Lot61 (or whole beans) is a great gift to coffee lovers. You might be wondering how to choose ground coffee packets. The best way is to select according to profile (the different flavours; choose according to your loved one’s preferences), roast type, suitability (e.g. espresso, moka pot, french press) and grind size (whole beans, espresso, moka pot, aeropress, or french press).


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