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The new Kinnie Spritz 4-pack is in town! We’re excited!

Farsons have announced the new Kinnie Spritz 4-pack, just in time for summer, and we’re already hooked!

Kinnie makes us proud to be Maltese even though it is one of those drinks which you either love or hate. We at OMGFoodMalta love the drink, whether it is the original, the diet one, or the Zest! This article is our tribute to the iconic drink but also to bring you their latest family member.


The drink traces its beginnings after the Second World War, way back to 1952. The late former Farsons chairman, Mr Antony Miceli Farrugia had the idea to introduce a drink with a clear Mediterranean influence, hence the citrus flavour which makes it so distinct from the rest.

Did you know that the iconic bittersweet drink received the prestigious Epi d’Or de la Qualite Internationale trophy in 1975 for being the best drink of the year?

In 1984, Farsons decided to add another drink to the soft drink range, introducing Diet Kinnie, a version with no added sugar. It was not until 2007 that another member of the Kinnie family was introduced; Kinnie Zest, a low-calorie drink with a more intense orange taste.


So, after years of this drink being a popular choice as a mixer for many alcoholic drinks, Farsons have now brought out their newest product, just in time for Summer 2021; Kinnie Spritz. This bittersweet drink is infused with Kinnie and is developed using Italian wine and bitter liqueurs.

This new drink has 4.0% alcoholic volume. We tried it and it was smooth, so much so we could hardly believe it had any alcohol in it. We found this to be the perfect drink for a relaxing afternoon in Spring or Summer. As a result, we think it will be quite the hit!

At the time of this article, an introductory offer is available. For every 4-pack of Kinnie Spritz (25cl each) you receive a branded glass (which we rather enjoyed the look of) for free. This offer is available only till stocks last so if you’re interested in trying this alcoholic drink and get the glass, best to get your hands on this as soon as possible. We got our hands on a 4-pack and glass from Greens Supermarket, as advertised in their Greens Supermarket catalogue.


So, as summer approaches, fill up your glass with ice, pour in the Kinnie Spritz over it and garnish with a slice of orange to enjoy the light and refreshing taste. It is now available at all supermarkets or else head directly for FarsonsDirect to get your 4-pack! We await to see everybody else’s variations of this drink in the near future.

Let us know where you found this new drink and what you thought of the taste! We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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