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Sweet Advent Calendar Malta: Super sweet tooth heaven with 1 treat a day!

Lots of Sweet Advent Calendar Malta treat options for anyone with a sweet tooth. There is something for everyone!

Christmas means love. Christmas means joy. Christmas means food. Christmas means special treats. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do something special for a loved one. What about 24 days of special surprises? Or even better, what about 24 days of sweet treats? If your loved one has a sweet tooth and enjoys surprises, you need to create a 24-day Christmas Sweet Advent Calendar Malta.

If you are looking for ready-made Sweet Advent Calendar Malta and shopping for someone with a sweet tooth, you might want to go for a finer chocolate option and buy Venchi Advent Calendar. You can pick yours up from Venchi at is-Suq tal-Belt. Alternatively, you can opt for a Popp Advent Calendar where your loved one will open a different craft beer every day in December leading to Christmas.

Sweet Advent Calendar

There are very cute wooden advent calendars in Malta that you can buy and fill with your special treats, which do not only serve as an advent calendar but also as a Christmas decoration. We found a lovely selection from BigMat of Advent Calendar trains and even Advent Calendar houses.

It might be good to note that some of these can be pricey. If you want something cheaper, you can also opt for DIY material bags or brown bags with some Christmas decorations.

We have a list of great Sweet Advent Calendar Malta fillers which you can use as small surprises for your loved ones with a sweet tooth. Here are some sweet filler ideas:


  1. For any fans of the popular sitcom, Friends, get a packet of these Friends cookies. There’s a different box for each of the main Friends characters, so make sure you pick up their favourite! These can be found at Miss Ellen’s.

  2. Any Harry Potter fans out there? What about this Harry Potter Surprise Box which you can fill with your own treats. If you do opt for this option, you might have to opt for individually wrapping each gift separately because they surely would not fit in a ready-made, empty, wooden Advent Calendar.

  3. What about an atomic fireball to add to the list? Not only are they fun but they are also very inexpensive.


  1. Obviously you need to add something which feels like Christmas to the Sweet Advent Calendar Malta. What about these Chocolate Santas. Miss Ellen’s has a nice selection of Christmas treats.

  2. You definitely need to add these super cute Reindeer chocolates on a stick from Soho’s Sweet shop.

  3. Baci chocolate always remind me of Christmas. Give your loved one a baci (or two, or three). We found these at Greens Supermarket.

  4. For that extra Christmas cheer, add in a Bauli Mini Panettone Uvetta, also found at Greens Supermarket.

  5. A Sweet Advent Calendar Malta would not be complete without some Christmas Candy Canes.

  6. Hershey’s have their own range of Candy Cane themed Hershey’s kisses. You can find a nice selection from Soho’s Sweet Shop.

Treats from Abroad:

  1. There’s a huge fan base for Japanese and South Korean chocolates and treats. Dylan’s House of Candy sells a nice range of Japanese Kitkats such as this Matcha Green Tea Matcha (amongst other Asian treats).

  2. Americans love their Poptarts! Luckily, Soho’s Sweet Shop has a range of poptarts in many different flavours. You can also find these at Dylan’s House of Candy.

  3. Taki’s is very popular in Mexico and among you readers who like a little bit of spice. We think this is a great item to add to the list.


  1. If you want to take them on a trip to memory lane, why not add in these Pez sweets from Soho’s Sweet Shop.

  2. A lot of us will have remembered Sour Patch Kids Candy from our childhood days. Why not add a packet or two for the sweet Advent Calendar.

  3. Lollipops were another childhood treat that are super sweet and would make a great addition to our sweet Advent Calendar. We really enjoy the wheel lollipops found at Miss Ellen’s.

  4. Your childhood was awesome if you had Fizz Wizz treats. Share the joy and add it to your Advent Calendar.

Super Sweet:

  1. A Chupa Chups Strawberry Cream Soda is very different to the other items on the list but we think due to its super sweet taste, it definitely deserves a place on this list.

  2. M&M’s have a whole range of different flavours. Why not add Pretzel, Fudge Brownie or Peanut Flavoured packets. Dylan’s House of Candy has quite the selection.

Classy treats:

  1. Venchi, at is-Suq tal-Belt, has a fine selection of chocolate. You can pick and choose whichever you want. Why not add these Chocaviar Creme Brule which are covered with 75% cocoa pearls.

  2. Sunday in Scotland Venezuela 100% Dark Chocolate is a delicious chocolate bar. There are plenty of other flavours to choose from. Honeycomb white chocolate is another favourite.

  3. Venchi Suprema Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is something which would make me very happy to find in my Advent Calendar. I’m sure many of you would feel the same!


  1. Tony’s is one of our favourite chocolate bars to include. You can add a Tony’s chocolate bar (you can find these at Miss Ellen’s) to your advent Calendar. Our suggestion would be Tony’s Caramel Sea Salt bar.

  2. Have you ever tried M&M’s chocolate bars? We tried some and loved them. They’re not always in stock so look out for these.

  3. Chocolate and peanut butter sounds like heaven to most of us. We are very thankful that Reeses Peanut Butter cups exist and know that this advent calendar wouldn’t be the same without them. You can find these from Greens Supermarket, Miss Ellen’s, Dylan’s House of Candy or Soho’s Sweet Shop.

Which one of these sweet treats is your favourite? Any special sweet treat we might have missed and should include in our Sweet Advent Calendar Malta? Let us know! We’re always looking for great stuff! If you enjoyed this article, you might also be interested in seeing our ideas for a boozy Advent Calendar Malta or a warm beverage one!


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