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Masterchef Malta: Exciting Flavours Await our TV screens

We're all waiting for the culinary journey, MasterChef Malta, to see local chefs dazzle with their skills.

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MasterChef Malta on our screens

The Maltese culinary scene is on the cusp of a thrilling transformation with the arrival of 'MasterChef Malta' in 2024. 

This globally acclaimed culinary competition is set to ignite the passions of both aspiring and seasoned chefs across the island, offering them an unprecedented opportunity to display their culinary prowess to a national audience. 

MasterChef Malta
Source: MasterChef Malta Facebook

The show's introduction to Malta is not just a television event; it's a cultural milestone that promises to elevate the local food scene to new heights.

History of MasterChef

Since its inception as a British TV show in 1990, MasterChef has evolved into a global culinary juggernaut, captivating audiences in around 60 countries. 

MasterChef, a competitive cooking show format created by Franc Roddam in 1990, was commissioned for the BBC by Dave Ross. Roddam recently stated that he had the idea for MasterChef after Mel Brooks mocked British food. 'It began as a retort to Mel Brooks'.

MasterChef Malta
Source: The Telegraph

The show's name, a continuum of Ross's previous productions like Masterteam and Mastermind, was revived and updated in February 2005 by executive producers Roddam and John Silver, along with series producer Karen Ross.

Its unique blend of intense competition, culinary artistry, and personal drama has made it more than just a cooking show; it's a cultural phenomenon that has inspired countless individuals to explore the culinary arts. 

The show has been instrumental in shaping the global food narrative, bringing diverse culinary traditions and innovations to the forefront.

How Does MasterChef Format Work

The essence of 'MasterChef' lies in its exhilarating competition format. Contestants are thrust into diverse and challenging culinary tasks, ranging from spontaneous dish creation to catering for large events under tight deadlines. 

These challenges are designed to test their cooking skills and push their creative boundaries and resilience. The constant presence of a professional judging panel adds to the pressure, making each episode a gripping watch.

I have often watched Masterchef and wondered how they manage to find people with such incredible skills, without them having been chefs at top restaurants. Then I read an article by Elizabeth Cauvel, who was runner up at Masterchef US version (Season 5) in 2014. If you read this part, you know why -

Elizabeth Cauvel text

Wow. No doubt you need some serious skill to perform at that stage (I can only imagine the stress and heat), but it does help!

What Can Viewers Expect

'MasterChef Malta' is poised to be a riveting display of culinary talent and creativity. 

Viewers can expect an enthralling series filled with various challenges that will test the contestants' culinary prowess and creativity to the utmost, from the intense Skills Test, where basic culinary abilities are scrutinized, to the nail-biting Mystery Box challenge that pushes contestants to think on their feet using a random selection of ingredients. 

The high-stakes Elimination Test will see contestants fighting to stay in the competition. At the same time, the intense Team Challenges will test their ability to work under pressure and as part of a team. As the competition progresses, the excitement will culminate in the Grand Finale, where the final contenders will battle it out for the ultimate prize. 

Only one chef will emerge victorious, claiming a grand cash prize, the prestigious MasterChef trophy, and the coveted title of 'MasterChef Malta'. This journey through the competition promises to showcase exceptional culinary skills, innovation, and sheer determination.

Who Will Be the Judges in the MasterChef Malta Edition

The Malta edition of 'MasterChef' will feature a distinguished panel of judges, each bringing their unique expertise and perspective to the show. 

With his 40-year career and experience as an executive chef at The Hilton Malta, Chef Joe Vella is known for his balanced judgment and deep respect for culinary traditions. 

MasterChef Malta Judges
Source: MasterChef Malta Facebook

Chef Letizia Vella, a Chef Patron at The Golden Fork, brings a modern and innovative approach to cooking, having trained at Michelin-starred establishments. 

Lastly, Victor Borg, the Executive Chef of Under Grain, needs no introduction. Chef Borg adds a touch of international flair (we don't think you 'have to be French' to 'cook French', by the way) with his experience in Michelin-starred restaurants and his recognition as Malta's Best Overall Restaurant for seven consecutive years. We spoke to Chef Victor Borg during our stay at Rosselli AX Privilege.

Together, these judges will provide insightful critiques and mentorship, guiding the contestants through their culinary journey.

Will it be a Success in Malta?

The anticipation for 'MasterChef Malta' suggests it will be a resounding success. With its rich culinary heritage and a populace that cherishes good food, Malta is the perfect backdrop for a show of this calibre. 

The series is expected to resonate deeply with the Maltese audience, inspiring viewers and contestants alike and potentially leading to a renaissance in the local culinary scene. The clip from MasterChef Malta Youtube channel, looks promising (looks 'vomtu'? ouch!)

In Conclusion

MasterChef Malta is more than a competition; it's a platform for showcasing the depth and diversity of Maltese cuisine. It's an opportunity for local chefs to shine and for the audience to embark on a gastronomic journey. 

As the show gears up for its debut on Maltese television, it is a testament to the island's love for food and its continuous pursuit of culinary excellence.

Catch the premiere of MasterChef Malta, which will be airing every Sunday starting February 11th on TVM.


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