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Melior Boutique Hotel in Valletta tried and tested. Honest review of our 2-night stay.

Located above Starbucks Reserve on Republic Street, Valletta, Melior Boutique Hotel is nothing like we expected but better than we imagined.

Melior Boutique Hotel is one of the many boutique hotels that mushroomed in Valletta in recent years. Perhaps what this place has, in particular, is its location above the recently opened Starbucks Reserve on Republic Street.

Melior Boutique Hotel balcony and flag

Jon and I walked into the Starbucks Reverse and approached a contactless key card dispenser machine. After scanning a QR code we had received via email, the machine dispensed the key card to our room on the second floor of the Melior Boutique Hotel.

Melior Boutique Hotel room

Upon opening the door to the room, we were pleasantly surprised. Calling it a ‘room’ is an injustice since it is big enough to be easily considered a small home. It can easily accommodate four people thanks to a pull-down double mattress that can be placed back and appears to be a cupboard.

Melior Boutique Hotel kitchenette

The wood and dark blue colour scheme worked and gave a relatively sophisticated yet relaxed feeling. The main bedroom, at an intermediate level, is accessible by stairs.

On our right was a beautifully designed bathroom with black and white marble style (the same tiles used for the entire room). I’m pretty biased as I’m quite a fan of black-and-white contrasts in home interior designs, which worked. The accessories were all black and slick. We loved the huge rain shower head, and the best part was that we could choose the exact water temperature by turning the dial to our preferred number.

Melior Boutique Hotel bathroom

I found an excellent use of the touchscreen mirror light to fix my makeup before our dinner plans. The hotel equips you with toothbrushes, sanitary items, a sewing kit, a shoe polish kit, a shaving kit, and a shower cap. My only complaint with the room was that the sink was slightly too shallow, which caused quite a mess when washing your hands.

My favourite room feature was the living room decorated with Matt-black and white marble tiles, brown furniture, red sofa chairs, a white sofa, and some light blue dining chairs. Here you will find a kitchenette packed with the basics, i.e., a microwave, fridge, sink, coffee machine (with Starbucks coffee capsules and some tea options), plates, cups, and utensils.

Melior Boutique Hotel bed pillow

It was disappointing (if not amusing) that no espresso cups were available for the machine! Pretty much everything else you could need was there. The room also has safe dressing gowns and slippers, an ironing board, a couple of hangers for our clothes, and a lovely round table for four. Very appreciated, thank you.

Melior Boutique Hotel bedroom

Near a desk, on the far upper left corner, was a relatively big balcony with a direct view of Republic Street. Choose the dates for your stay carefully, and you might end up with a top front-row seat to any event happening in the heart of the capital. This part of the accommodation was one of the most impressive and favourite features of our stay.

Melior Boutique Hotel bed interior

Upstairs we found two single beds placed together. We weren’t too impressed with this setup as we usually prefer a double, king, or queen bed to a twin bed setup. The bed was very comfortable and made for a very restful sleep. Bedside tables on each side have wireless options to fast-charge your mobile easily. Comfort level – 100. More comfortable than our usual wired setup and something Jonathan now wants at home.

Melior Boutique Hotel Starbucks bar Valletta

Breakfast the following day was a bit confusing. We had breakfast included in the room package. There was no information sheet or email explaining how this would work. Our only information about this breakfast was that it starts at 7 am. We arrived at the Starbucks Reserve counter and asked what was available for breakfast. The staff seemed quite uninformed, making it a slightly awkward experience.

Melior Boutique Hotel Starbucks breakfast

Eventually, they told us that breakfast consisted of a pastry or bread option, plus one between cappuccino, espresso, or latte. I know what you must be thinking. With all of the Starbucks coffees and drinks available, more options could be available.

Melior Boutique Hotel Starbucks Valletta

Jon opted for a croissant on both days. However, no jam or honey comes with this option. While it was glorious to wake up to the smell of coffee as soon as you made your way down, the breakfast of the stay has plenty of room for improvement.

After a day out and about in the capital city, we were keen on watching a movie in bed (who isn’t). While the audio was there, the TV screen stayed locked on the ‘Welcome screen.’ Without contact numbers to communicate with reception (yes, we tried the usual ‘0’ but to no avail), we went downstairs to ask for assistance. Unfortunately, the person who should have come up to fix the issue never came.

Melior Boutique Hotel room tv

Later, we learned that the person may have visited the wrong room, so this might have been some miscommunication. Let us not forget that this suite had two televisions available. The one downstairs had no issues, so we quickly went downstairs and discovered that the sofa was large enough to fit both of us comfortably. Score.

Sunday morning, and we were lucky to have been there the weekend that the Annual National Scout Parade was occurring. We took some exciting shots right there from the comfort of the balcony.

Melior Boutique Hotel balcony on Republic Street

If you’re looking for the right time to take advantage of events happening on Republic Street, where Melior Boutique Hotel is, don’t forget the May Carnival, which should be quite an enjoyable event. If you start feeling some FOMO, you can go downstairs to join in for some fun at your convenience and head back to this suite when you’re tired.

Melior Boutique Hotel on balcony

To summarise, regarding the suite’s comfort, this was definitely at a level that exceeded our expectations. The decor was very homely, and we appreciated the suite's design and the whole place. A lot of carefully chosen artwork also complimented the entire boutique hotel.

Melior Boutique Hotel stairs

Would we recommend Melior Boutique Hotel? Yes, sure. While the current breakfast arrangement could use minor improvements, the overall stay was positive, apart from a small TV glitch.

Melior Boutique Hotel is located in a prime spot close to anything interesting in Valletta. The suite has all the basic facilities and more. The large balcony is perfect for enjoying the Valletta city life without leaving ‘home’ even for a minor part of your stay.

Melior Boutique Hotel office desk

The suite at Melior Boutique Hotel was definitely on the higher end (however, not the most expensive) as far as prices for hotels in Valletta go, but worth the price.

With the homey decor, spacious living arrangement, facilities, balcony view, and prime location, we recommend this stay for 2-4 people for at least two nights. Longer stays are recommended.


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