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Boozy Advent Calendar: 24 great spirits to lift you up this Chirstmas!

Looking for a Boozy Advent Calendar? Check out these 24 items to fill up your DIY boozy advent calendar for 2021!

With Christmas just around the corner, we feel the joy of the merry Christmas season and start preparing for Christmas gift ideas and foods we will soon enjoy. Some of us *raises hand proudly* and cannot wait to create and love to design Christmas Advent Calendars.

Boozy Advent Calendar Tomintoul

As many of you would surely know, Advent Calendars consist of small gifts for each day of December leading to Christmas (1st – 24th December). Suppose you are looking for a Boozy Advent Calendar.

In that case, you can buy a ready-made one such as this Popp Advent Calendar for beer lovers (Jon’s favourite) or a Venchi Chocolate Advent Calendar for chocolate lovers (my favourite!!). You can make it a very personal Advent Calendar Malta by creating your own.

Boozy Advent Calendar Glen Moray

In this article, I present some Boozy Advent Calendar filler ideas for people who love alcoholic beverages and want to create a boozy version. This selection of whiskeys, gins, limoncellos, brandys comes at a total cost of 105.73 euros. Feel free to change any items according to your personal preference and judgement.

Boozy Advent Calendar Jack Daniels

If you’d rather keep the price down, you can swap out some alcoholic drinks with some snacks.

6.4/10 rating

Price: 15 euros for a 4-pack

Flavours: Dark Chocolate, Orange, Dried fruit

This Glen Moray Classic Sherry Cask Finish has lovely notes of dark chocolate, orange and dried fruit, and is finished in sherry casks for eight months. Produced in Scotland, this whisky is best paired with a rich fruit cake, making it perfect for Christmas. You can even pair it with chilli con carne. If the recipient of this advent calendar falls in love with the taste, the best news is they can get a full 70cl bottle for less than 30 euros.

7.0/10 rating

Price: 4.50 euros

Flavours: lemon sherbet, apricot, toffee, vanilla, honey, malta, banana bread, sweet spices.

This medium-bodied highland whisky has some great spicy flavours underlying in the taste. It has a very clean and balanced taste. With regards to smell, you can smell lovely hints of lemon sherbert, apricots, toffee and vanilla. You get hints of honey, malt, banana bread and sweet spices upon tasting. A delicate whisky which is lovely for a quiet night. A full 70cl bottle will cost you around 45 euros.

8.9/10 rating

Price: 6.25 euros

Flavours: Lingonberries, blackberries, honey pomelo

Monkey 47 gin is produced in Germany. With 47.0% alcohol and 47 botanicals used to produce this gin, 47 earns its place in this Monkey 47 Gin. Lovely notes of lingonberries, blackberries and honey pomelo can be found. A full 50cl bottle will cost you around 35 euros. This is one of the best miniature bottles in this Boozy Advent Calendar.

6.0/10 rating

Price: 5.25 euros

Flavours: Caramel, honey, buckwheat, vanilla, mineral, raisin, floral, peach

Gautier VS Cognac is sweet with delicious notes of caramel, honey and light fruity flavours. Subtle hints of nutty buckwheat notes can also be found. Balanced by vanilla, mineral, raisin, floral and peach notes, this Cognac is aged and finished in French oak.

8.1/10 rating

Price: 3.85 euros

Flavours: Rosemary, Spice, Olive, Citrus Zest, tart juniper, coriander

This Gin Mare is a great addition to a Boozy Advent Calendar. This is quite a uniquely flavoured gin with notes of rosemary, spice, olive and citrus zest. This gin is very smooth and great for cocktails! A full 70cl bottle will set you back 35 euros.

6.1/10 rating

Price: 22.70 euros for a 3-pack

Flavours: White Pepper, Cherry, Almonds, Cinnamon, Fudge, Leafy, Nutty, Nutmeg, Spicy

Sold as part of a triple pack, the Tomintoul 10 year is the youngest. This Single Malt Whisky is produced in Scotland (Speyside) and has 40% alcohol content. This whisky is quite interesting and pleasant with notes of white pepper, cherry, almonds, and cinnamon.

6.9/10 rating

Price: 15 euros for a 4-pack

Flavours: Floral, Apple, Toasted Oak, Nutty, Grain, Lemon Zest, Spicy, Cake, Dry

We’ve already spoken about the Glen Moray Miniature Pack at a very affordable 15 euros for 4 miniature bottles. I recommend adding this to your Boozy Advent Calendar as they give you a range of flavours of a good whisky at a good price. There are strong notes of Apple, Nutty, Floral and toasted oak, which is quite pleasant. The subtle notes of grain, lemon zest, spicy, dry and cake complement this well.

7.3/10 rating

Price: 19.50 euros for a 5-pack

Flavours: Honey, Vanilla, Caramel, Oak, Rye, Brown Sugar, Sweet, Pear, Ripe Fruit

Jack Daniel’s is a popular American Whiskey which needs no introduction. This Gentleman Jack is a Tennessee Whiskey with strong notes of Honey, Caramel, Rye, Oak and Vanilla and subtle notes of Brown Sugar, Sweet, Pear and Ripe Fruit. You can get this miniature bottle as part of a 5-bottle multipack for the best value for money.

8.3/10 rating

Price: 4.80 euros

Flavours: Sweet, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Vanilla Sweetness, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Orange, Ginger, Syrup

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a great rum which must be included in this selection. Produced in Venezuela, this dark golden rum is aged up to 12 years and has 40% alcohol content. This rum has delicious notes of brown sugar, sweet, caramel, vanilla sweetness and cinnamon. It also has subtle notes of chocolate, orange, ginger and syrup. This is the perfect rum for someone with a sweet tooth!

6.8/10 rating

Price: 1.30 euros

Flavours: Fruit, Caramel, Vanilla, Wheat, Grain, Sweet, Elderflower, Berries, Black Pepper

Produced in Sweden (Southern Sweden), this vodka has a very fruity, sweet and yet, wheaty taste, portraying notes of Fruit Caramel, Vanilla, Wheat and Grain. It is also good to note that the bottles are actually made from 40% recycled glass and does its part in being environmentally conscious by continuously improving their production process. This is a great addition to the Boozy Advent Calendar at only slightly over 1 euro for a miniature bottle.

7.7/10 rating

Price: 1.82 euros

Flavours: Lemon, Earthy, Dry, Anise, Spicy, Sweet, Zesty, Citrus, Sugar

Limoncello is one of my favourite aperitifs and I wanted to add this to the Boozy Advent Calendar. Luckily for me, I found a 5cl bottle which fit the bill. At less than 2 euros a bottle, this was an obvious addition. As you can suspect, one of the main flavour notes found is lemon. Other strong notes include Earthy, Spicy, Dry and Anise.

6.8/10 rating

Price: 19.50 euros for a 5-pack

Flavours: Honey, Sweet, Syrup, Cinnamon, Apple Juice, Sugar, Fire, Milk, Vanilla

We’ve already mentioned that for this Boozy Advent calendar, the Jack Daniel’s 5-pack miniatures are great value for money. This American Whisky Liqueur has 35% alcohol content and has become very popular in recent years. At one point it seemed like everyone was enjoying this whisky liqueur. This sweet whisky liqueur has strong notes of Honey (as you might have suspected), sweet, syrup, cinnamon and Apple Juice.

Day 13: Tia Maria

6.2/10 rating

Price: 1.96 euros

Flavours: Coffee, Butterscotch, Ginger, Toasted, Cinnamon, Apple, Spicy, Syrup, Nutty

Coffee, coffee, coffee. This French Coffee Liqueur has 26.5% alcohol content and is very popular in tiramisu recipes. As one would suspect, it has strong notes of coffee whilst also having flavours of butterscotch, ginger, toasted, cinnamon, apple, syrup, spicy and nutty. In all honesty, when it comes to Coffee Liqueurs, we do prefer Mr Black, but unfortunately, we could not find miniature versions for this Boozy Advent Calendar.

8.9/10 rating

Price: 5.60 euros

Flavours: Orange, Lemon, Marmelade, Juniper, Ginger Ale, Apple Juice, Botanicals, Ginger Beer, Tea

Another alcoholic addition from the United Kingdom, Chase Gin is a highly rated gin addition to the Boozy Advent Calendar. A small miniature bottle of just 5cl will set you back 5.60 euros, one of the more pricey individual bottles we have included. It has a very pleasant citrus taste with strong notes of orange, lemon, ginger ale, juniper, and marmalade.

8.1/10 rating

Price: 22.70 euros for a 3-pack

Flavours: Bread, Grassy, Sweet, Malted Barley, Orange, Caramel, Floral, Hay, Fruit

Tomintoul Single Malt Whisky 16 years will cost you over 50 euros for a full 70cl bottle. This is one of the best whiskeys on the list and has a rich, soft, grassy, nutty taste with lovely buttery and creamy smells. This Malt Whisky has strong notes of bread, sweet, orange, grassy and malted barley.

7.3/10 rating

Price: 15 euros for a 4-pack

Flavours: Sweet Vanilla, Smoky, Spicy, Sweet, Sherry, Peaty, Caramel, Cinnamon, Honey

This Single Malt Whisky is finished in port casks and has a very strong sweet vanilla flavour, followed by smoky, spicy, sweet, and sherry notes. Produced in Speyside, Scotland, this whisky has 40% alcohol content.

6.6/10 rating

Price: 19.50 euros for a 5-pack

Flavours: Honey, Maple, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Smoky, Oak, Rye, Sweet, Vanilla

The most popular of the Jack Daniel’s whiskeys, this Tennessee whiskey has often been described as the gateway whiskey to other whiskeys. This is the typical whiskey used in ‘Jack and Coke’ drinks. Very strong notes of honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, maple and smoky can be tasted. It gets its smoky taste from being filtered in sugar maple charcoal. Very pleasant to drink.

8.8/10 rating

Price: 3.35 euros

Flavours: Orange, Chamomile, Licorice, Juniper

Vecchio Amaro Del Capo is an Italian digestivo produced in Southern Italy. It is distilled from sugar beets, adding herbs, spices, fruits, roots, and flowers. This digestivo has strong bittersweet orange flavour notes, giving the Boozy Advent Calendar more variety.

9.0/10 rating

Price: 1.95 euros

Flavours: Cherry, Almond

Another day of Italian Spirits, we present Disaronno Amaretto as our 19th-day Boozy Advent Calendar surprise gift. This liqueur has 28% alcohol content and a sweet cherry and almond taste. This highly-rated amber liqueur is amber-coloured and is produced in the Lombardy region. A fun fact is that although it has a very strong almond taste, this liqueur does not contain almonds.

Day 20: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

6.7/10 rating

Price: 19.50 euros for a 5-pack

Flavours: Cinnamon, Spicy Clove, Sweet, Rich, Spicy, Herbal, Fruity, Floral, Bitter, Tart, Earthy, Roast, Nutty, Woody, Smoky, Oily

Along with Jack Daniel’s whiskeys, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire (which has 35% alcohol content) is produced in Tennessee, United States. With a base of Jack Daniel’s Old no.7 and adding a warm cinnamon liqueur, this Whisky has strong sweet, rich and spicy flavours. It has a very smooth start but a cinnamon kick.

7.0/10 rating

Price: 15 euros for a 4-pack

Flavours: Peaty, Smoky, Citrus, Vanilla, Grassy, Spicy, Earthy, Barley sugar, caramel

If the recipient of this Boozy Advent Calendar loves peaty whisky, this is the one for them. With a strong peaty flavour and strong notes of vanilla, citrus, smoky and grassy. This whisky originated from Speyside, Scotland.

9.0/10 rating

Price: 22.70 euros for a 3-pack

Flavours: Honey, Apple, Citrus, Marzipan, Floral, Spicy, Lemon Zest, Sweet, Fruit

This Tomintoul Whisky has aged 25 years and has strong flavour notes of honey, apple, citrus, marzipan and floral. This is one of the finer bottles of whisky, and a full 70cl bottle will cost you well over 200 euros.

7.5/10 rating

Price: 19.50 euros for a 5-pack

Flavours: Spicy, Oak, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Caramel, brown sugar, sweet, cherry, overripe banana

This Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel whisky is one of the favourites from the 5-pack miniatures. It is most enjoyable for those who like a healthy dose of spice to their whisky. Jack Daniel’s Single barrel is smooth, has 45% alcohol content and has strong notes of spicy oak, maple syrup, vanilla and caramel.

Day 24: Penderyn Madeira

7.8/10 rating

Price: 7.99 euros

Flavours: Buttery Vanilla, Raisin, Caramel, Slightly sweet, Spicy, Dried fruit, Smoky, Floral, Banana

The Penderyn Madiera is the most expensive of the lot. This single malt whisky has 41% alcohol content and is produced in the United Kingdom. This whisky has strong buttery vanilla, raisin, and caramel notes and is slightly sweet and spicy. It also has mild flavours of dried fruit, smoky, floral and banana.

That’s a lot of booze, but it is in small amounts, and nothing stops you from sharing. It is a great Boozy Advent Calendar you can enjoy with loved ones. Of course, drink responsibly! In the meantime, did you see our other Advent Calendar ideas? The warm beverage advent calendar, or perhaps the sweet advent calendar?


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