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We threw a 3 tier afternoon tea party with super fancy results!

A respectable afternoon tea comprises 3 tiers – sandwiches, cakes and scones or teacakes. In this article, we give you our version.

When we are in for a treat, we love to treat ourselves to an amazing afternoon tea. Plenty of afternoon tea Malta options are available around the Maltese islands, which offer a great selection of savoury and sweet treats.

Afternoon Tea served

Finding the best afternoon tea on the islands is quite a challenge! An alternative is preparing your own! The great thing about this is that it is so easy to prepare. So if you’d rather have an intimate afternoon tea at home, you can do so without hassle.

Three-tier afternoon teas are the fanciest and poshest tea-time food items available. With various things we got from Whatsinstore we managed to create what we think is a lovely afternoon tea party. Intended to start from the bottom tier, we can find a layer of savoury foods, usually sandwiches.

Afternoon Tea PG Tips and Stork

Following this tier, we can find a tier of scones with a classical selection of clotted cream and jam. This tier serves as an interim between the sweets and the savoury layers. This is arguably our favourite round. The final top tier has delicious sweet treats and is a sweet (pun intended) way to finish the afternoon tea. Free-flowing tea is usually served.

We’ve tried many afternoon teas from around the islands and often made them ourselves at home. If you’re unsure how to prepare your afternoon tea at home, this is the guide you need right now. Feel free to adapt and change any items with anything you’d prefer.

Afternoon Tea sandwiches

We recommend using a 3-tier afternoon tea set to separate the layers per tier. There are plenty of options at leading home stores in Malta and Gozo.

We started our bottom tier with some assorted sandwiches. We love mixing white and brown bread because it looks nice. We used Stork spreadable butter for our sandwiches.

Sandwiches we prepared:

  • Cream cheese and Salmon

  • Ham, cheese and cucumber

  • Egg mayo and baby spinach

As you can see, all three savoury sandwiches were very easy to prepare. You can get as creative as you like with the fillings.

The middle tier consisted of delicious scones we baked at home. These beauties only took us 20 minutes to make eight of them. We prepare our scones with sultanas but feel free to omit if you prefer yours plain.

Afternoon Tea scones

They came out deliciously fluffy and were pleasantly enjoyed with some clotted cream (we tried brandy clotted cream here, which was quite lovely), jam and some Novi CremaNovi, which we got from Whatsinstore.

We are grateful to Anna, the Duchess of Bedford (1788 – 1861) from England, for making afternoon tea with scones such a popular delight. After tasting scones, when a servant brought her a selection at her request for afternoon tea sweet bread, Anna decided that she would like it to be a regular on the menu and requested this delight every day for afternoon tea at 4pm.

Afternoon Tea whipping merangue

The final layer was our selection of sweet treats. Jonathan thought meringues would look good on our top tier (p.s. He was right). Not only do they look great, but they are so easy to make. Just whip up some egg whites with some caster sugar and icing sugar. Bake in a preheated oven and enjoy!

Afternoon Tea merengues

I wanted to add something chocolatey to the top tier, especially since we had more Novi CremaNovi from Whatsinstore left. We decided to add chocolate tarts to this tier. We added vanilla custard and raspberry tarts to give this layer more colour without adding too much work.

Afternoon Tea chocolate tarts

These were also perfect for this afternoon tea set because our time was particularly limited, and we needed to be able to prepare these without using up too much time.

Overall our 3-tier setting for our afternoon tea was a success. We paired this afternoon tea with PG tea for days (also from Whatsinstore) and enjoyed devouring these delicious delights and sipping tea.

Afternoon Tea


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