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Thai Thai Restaurant: An Authentic Thai Cuisine Experience in Mellieha

Discover the best Thai restaurant in Mellieha. Experience authentic Thai cuisine, fresh ingredients and bursting with flavours at Thai Thai.

Nestled in Triq il-Marfa, Mellieha, Thai Thai is a charming family-owned restaurant that boasts authentic Thai cuisine. Using a combination of local and imported ingredients, their colourful and beautifully presented dishes represent a true taste of Thailand.

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha mussels

Having visited Thai Thai and tasted their food, we spoke to Matthew, owner of Thai Thai. The inspiration to open a Thai cuisine restaurant comes from his wife, who hails from Thailand. Matthew emphasised that the restaurant's ethos is centered around keeping its food as authentic as possible. With that in mind, let's dive deeper into Thai Thai and what sets them apart.

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha sign

When asked what makes Thai Thai's cuisine stand out, Matthew focuses on one dish in particular. "We consider all our dishes to have something extra, but for myself, it has to be the Pad Thai." This signature dish, a well-known Thai cuisine classic, is expertly crafted with a tamarind sauce mixed with lime and peanuts, perfectly balanced in flavour and texture.

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha

One of the secrets to Thai Thai's culinary excellence lies in their experienced chef, Mike, and his wife, Wenny, who have been perfecting their craft for over 25 years. They work tirelessly to ensure every dish is a masterpiece, full of the vibrant and complex flavours for which Thai cuisine is known.

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha

When it comes to ingredients, Thai Thai takes no shortcuts. They strive to use the freshest and most local ingredients possible, sourcing their meat from a local source and even producing some of their vegetables on their land. Some ingredients come directly from Thailand, guaranteeing an authentic and unique flavour profile.

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha stir fry noodles

Thai cuisine is famous for its colourful and intricate plating, and this was another thing that impressed us during our visit. "Wenny's attention to detail is amazing, with her even cutting the vegetables into flower shapes to add a touch of elegance to the dishes," Matthew told us. He recommended experimenting with flavours for home cooks looking to add Thai flair to their cooking, as the endless possibilities are endless.

Thai cuisine is well-suited for vegans, with many dishes centered around vegetables, soy, and peanuts. Noodles are made from rice, making them a great option for those seeking gluten-free alternatives. Thai Thai makes sure to accommodate all dietary restrictions, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their flavorful dishes.

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha chicken skewers

Thai cuisine is known for its unique combination of flavours, incorporating salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy notes in every meal. Matthew notes, "At Thai Thai, we ensure every dish has a balanced flavour profile, with a perfect blend of all tastes".

Influenced by Indian spices and flavours, Thai cuisine offers a unique twist on traditional curries. Thai curries incorporate Indian spices in their pastes while maintaining their unique tastes with local ingredients like Thai holy basil, lemongrass, and galangal.

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha ice cream dessert

No meal at Thai Thai is complete without their signature drinks and desserts. They offer authentic Thai tea, Thai beer Singha, and a great cocktail menu. For dessert, options like mango and sticky rice, fried banana, and coconut ice cream will ensure a fresh end to each experience.

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha dessert

Having tried most of their dishes and returned various times to try more, we can't recommend Thai Thai enough. As Matthew told us, "We want all our customers always to leave happy, and we would like them to say yes, let's go back to Thai Thai."

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha kitchen staff

The place is a hidden gem offering a unique and authentic Thai dining experience. Their commitment to sourcing fresh and local ingredients, expertly crafting their dishes, and ensuring a perfect balance of flavours is a testament to their dedication to their craft.

Thai Thai Restaurant Mellieha coconut mango


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