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On Burger Day, here’s our choice of 12 places in Malta serving great burgers!

On the occasion of Burger Day, we went around the islands tasting some great stuff, bringing you our choice of 12 favourite burger places!

It’s Burger Day, hence the day when we celebrate the history of this most irresistible of sandwiches. Is there any feeling in the world of food that beats that of the first bite of a rich, juicy burger? Tough one, isn’t it?

Burgers are amazing. No wonder Burger Day was created to celebrate them! They’re not only delicious, but also versatile. No matter your taste, there is a burger type that you will like. The burger is a universal food and comes in many forms. Originally it was the rich beef patty that dominated the burger scene. These days however, there is also the chicken, kangaroo, or donkey burger (yes, really), emu burger, chickpea burger for vegans, or the now standard ‘veggie burger’, invented for the purpose of giving vegetarians their fair share of goodness.

The common thing between them is that all of these are ground down and compacted into one recognizable form, the ‘hamburger.’ The origins of the burger remain ambiguous, but the name is mostly attributed to the German city of Hamburg. Most people are convinced that the burger gained its name in 1881, from a gentleman named Otto Krause.


On the other hand, the Library of Congress in the United States contests this. It seems the US audience favours the alternative story of Louis Lassen in 1900. The popular story goes that Mr Lassen ran a small lunch wagon selling steak sandwiches to local factory workers. Smart man he was, Louis Lassen didn’t like to waste the excess beef from the daily lunch rush. So he ground it up, grilled it, and served it between two slices of bread, and America’s first burger joint was born. Whichever the case, we thank them on Burger Day.

Let us not forget the burger bun. Starting as a mere sideshow to the beef patty, burger buns have got higher, fluffier, more golden in recent years. Like the burger patty itself, alternatives to the burger buns have started to spring up, such as the doughnut burger, which we assume, on the whole, will have calories to get your requirements for the whole of the day (or more). Celebrating burgers on Burger Day also means celebrating some great bread!

In Malta, needless to say that the burger is one of the most popular foods and a popular choice during social gatherings. We probably celebrate Burger Day all year long! McDonald’s and Burger King Malta dominate the burger delivery scene but there are many other amazing places selling some delicious burgers.

There was also an attempt to create our very own Maltese version of the burger. Who can forget the Gbejna and Zalzett Malti Burger from the now-gone Fat Louie’s?

So, without further ado, if like us you are intent on celebrating Burger Day in style, here’s the 12 burger places (in no particular order) we are suggesting if you’re looking for the best burger in Malta:


Located in Qawra, Blackpaw is one of our top suggested places for Hot Dogs, but really, their 100% Angus burger was one we really enjoyed – a double Angus beef patty, alongside fried egg, crispy bacon, melted smoked cheese, crispy onion, iceberg lettuce, vine tomatoes & chipotle mayo. We also suggest their onion rings and of course, fries!


Danny’s Kitchen Deli

We have been praising the food from Danny’s for some time now. We decided to order the Crispy Chicken Burger, which consists of a buttermilk chicken thigh in a Sesame Seed Brioche bun with cheese and cabbage slaw, coriander, harissa mayo. We also got a side of salt & vinegar fries. Like all of the food there, the burgers at Danny’s are simply great. The buns are really good, the patty dense and meaty. Get it accompanied by their great fries! We have either visited Danny’s or ordered food from there many times and were never disappointed.


Crust Bakery Bar Bistro

Crust is another one we regularly recommend. If you are one of those few who haven’t been there yet, then we think you should go, and if you do, you may want to try Sean’s Burger, named after celebrity chef Sean Gravina and consisting of a 200g black angus beef burger, with applewood cheddar, gherkin, lettuce, tomatoes and their secret relish in between a brioche bun. Great stuff!


Olive 3

We sure enjoyed some great vegan dishes last January. One of these was ‘The Vurger’ from Olive 3 in Mriehel. The usual beef patty is replaced by a sizable Portobello mushroom with rucola, avocado, basil and walnut, tomato and onions. Special mention to some delightful hand cut local potatoes – or better, roasted potatoes shaped like chips – which accompanied the burger.


Burger’s Ink

Wouldn’t be a proper burger list if it didn’t include Burger’s Ink, would it? Great stuff located in the very heart of Valletta. Great variety of burgers – 15 to choose from – including a vegan and vegetarian option. Whilst you’re there, try the pancakes too! You won’t be disappointed.


Rock n’Burger

Rock on! Totally rocked the burgers from Rock n’Burger. As we had said, we were singing Sweet Child O’Mine to the Guns n’Roses burger (right) after the first bite, whilst the Iron Maiden burger (left) made us Run to the Hills in delight!


Tiffany’s Bistro

Located on the Sliema waterfront, in a very prominent location, Tiffany’s Bistro offers quite the selection of food. Among other foods we tried, we were very impressed with their chicken burger. The size of the chicken fillet, the texture, and the crunch at the first bite, it really had it all. We highly recommend Tiffany’s Bistro if you happen to be in the area.


Hermanos Burgers

Another burger joint that rightfully makes it into our list is Hermanos Burgers. We tried the Chicago Bacon from Hermanos Burgers. What we got was a juicy beef patty, a very generous amount of bacon, melted cheese, crispy onion and mayo, all within a soft brioche bun. Added to that was a portion of sweet potato fries! We digged in. We enjoyed!


Located in Hamrun, Bandit provided us with arguably one of the best burgers we had, ever. Our order consisted of two superb burgers. The buttermilk chicken burger consisting of buttermilk fried chicken thighs, gherkins, cheese, pickled slaw and chili mayo; and the Holy Trinity Burger comprising a beef patty, buttermilk chicken AND bacon slices, along with cheese, pickles, maple mayo and ketchup. Hands down two of the best burgers we’ve had. Really amazing.

Chubbz Burger Bar

A pretty good Crispy Chick n’Burger from Chubbz. Juicy fillet of chicken with a nice crunchy coating, in between two signature Chubbz buns. Unlike others, their food truck is always located in the same spot, off Triq tal-Labour, coming from Naxxar. If you are intent on celebrating Burger Day with one big juicy patty, Chubbz should be one of the places to consider.



Located in the very heart of Paceville, the name Shoreditch has become synonymous with great burgers and amazing pancakes. We recently tried the Hells Kitchen burger with devil sauce and it was quite a blast. Watch us go on and try the rest!


Dan’s Van

Our most recent find and what a pleasant surprise to bring you on Burger Day! Located in the Nigret area on the outskits of Rabat, Dan’s Van specialises in burgers and hot dogs. We had a nice little chat with the owner (more of that eventually) who told us about the history of Dan’s Van, and what makes his burgers special. We suggest his Mexican burger (either chicken or beef patty).



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