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Lidl Malta Cast Iron. Should you get this roasting dish? Good or bad? Here’s what we think.

Lidl Malta Cast Iron Roasting Dish. Should you get one? How do they compare to other top cast iron roasting dishes?

Popular demand has requested that the Lidl Malta Cast Iron Roasting Dish are restocked on Lidl Malta shelves, and we are happy to state that they have supplied these Cast Irons from 21st October 2021.

You might be familiar with the Le Creuset brand and their hefty price tag.

The price range attached to the Le Creuset products means filling our kitchens full of Le Creuset kitchen pots and pans is a dream far from realistic for most home budgets. Ernesto offers a cheaper alternative of good quality and a similar appearance. Both are quite aesthetically pleasing and a great addition to any kitchen.

LIDL Cast Iron Dish closed lid

Le Creuset is well known for its top-quality products with a lifetime guarantee. We got the 4L Ernesto Cast Iron Roasting Dish from Lidl Malta to see how this compares to the Le Creuset Cast Iron Oval Casserole dish 4.1 Litres. We must say, when comparing the two, we were impressed with Ernesto.

Cast Iron dishes are well renowned for their use in the kitchen with recipes such as casseroles (meat or vegetable), stews, braising, roasts, pasta, curry, soup, etc. It is also a great dish to bake sourdough bread in. Some cake recipes are ideal for the cast iron dish as well. These kinds of dishes are great for cooking on low or medium-low heat.

The Ernesto Cast Iron Roasting Dish holds approximately 4 litres and is sold for €39.99. The Le Creuset Cast Iron Oval Casserole dish (4.1 litres) sells for £240, or around €280. That’s a price difference of over €200! Both cast iron dishes are compatible with induction hobs and for oven use (electric, gas or induction).

The Le Creuset Cast Iron Dish has dimensions of 35.2 x 22.6 x 15.4 cm, whilst the Ernesto Cast Iron Roasting Dish’s dimensions are 37 x 23 x 18.5 cm. These dishes serve around 4-6 people. The Le Creuset, made in France, has a 30-year warranty whilst the Ernesto, made in Germany, has a 3-year warranty. Does a ten times longer warranty warrant a difference of over €200 in the price?

Cast iron casserole pots are the ideal kitchen pot that is great for carefully distributing heat in an even fashion around the surface. A distinguishable feature is the cast iron pan weight. This cast iron pan weighs 7kg (and carrying it you’ll feel every gram of it, trust us), whereas the Le Creuset version weighs 4.9kg.

LIDL Cast Iron Dish open

Both dishes sport a durable (and bright) enamel coating, making it highly heat resistant. Whilst the Le Creuset is listed to have a heat resistance of up to 190°C, the Ernesto has a heat resistance of up to 240°C.

If you are wondering how to polish cast iron, rest assured it is easy. First, although Cast iron pots and dishes are great against thermal shock, they don’t immediately submerge in cold (or hot) water when heated. Leave out to cool first and then dip to avoid damage to the cast iron.

To remove any food residues which you need to remove, fill the dish with some warm water and wait for around 20 minutes before washing. Do not use metallic pads such as stainless steels or harsh abrasive cleaning agents (basically anything that contains bleach or ammonia). You can opt for washing with boiled vinegar or lemon juice for stains.

If you’re looking at grabbing one of these Ernesto Cast Iron Roasting Dishes from Lidl Malta at a very affordable price of €39.99 (around €280 for the Le Creuset), check out the Lidl opening hours.

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